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C.H. Monthly, January is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia. It starts the quest That Sinking Feeling.


The note is found at:



January, 2075

Greetings all Cryptid Hunters, Seekers of the Truth and Explorers of the Paranormal! This month we'll be covering a very special member among legendary beasts: the Sheepsquatch.

Do not snicker, dear reader. Over the years we've amassed a plethora of evidence and convincing cases from the residents of Appalachia. That's right: our woolly friend's favorite haunt is the rolling hills and misty peaks of the Appalachian mountains. Even readers from across the country will remember that Appalachia has quite the reputation for being home to several Cryptids already, and Sheepsquatch stands tall among them.

Eye witnesses recount a massive, 20-foot-tall monstrosity with spiral horns and a vicious pair of chompers; some claim that it's able to bite through pure steel. There's also rumors that its fleece is far from "white as snow;" researchers believe that its wool is razor sharp. No Sheepsquatch sweaters, please.

Perhaps most notoriously, though, are the rumors about its bodily waste. Let's say it's the Sheepsquatch's "number one" feature, if you don't mind a crude pun (we know you don't.) There are claims that the Sheepsquatch's urine is so acidic that it can burn your skin for days. There's been cases of just one drop blinding a hunter for life... Yikes!

Of course, local governments in Appalachia have been covering up the Sheepsquatch for years. We think they may even be working with the Mothman to hypnotize doctors that treat Sheepsquatch urine patients (more on that in our March issue.)

Planning any hunts for the Sheepsquatch? Be sure to write in and let us know your findings. And as always: remember to stay safe, keep an open mind, and seek out the truth.

  If you want to know
   the TRUTH about
the Sheepsquatch,
    find me: Scoot Conroy.
Southern Belle Motel, walk south,
   look for the shack with the cats.


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