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C.H. Monthly, August is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


The note is found in the secret lab in the Van Lowe Taxidermy basement, on a shelf near a tinker's workbench. It is obtainable during The Lowe-Down.



August, 2077

We're proud to present a very special edition of our Monthly newsletter: an interview with Garrison "Guy" Foggarty, renowned author and field-research-specialist for all things Cryptids. Mr. Foggarty was able to sit down with me earlier this week to discuss his latest work, and from that came a compelling question that could shake the foundation of Cryptid research: do Cryptids reproduce?

"Could it be that a singular entity is capable of surviving decades? Centuries? Or are these creatures no different from less extraordinary specimen?" This question has been of specific interest to Mr. Foggarty ever since his early work involving the elusive Mothman. He went on: "If the creatures reproduce, they must then mate, no? And with mating comes rituals."

I pressed him to explain how this could affect the ways we hunters approach our work. "It changes everything, Ms. Park. Just think: sporadic but clustered sightings, their confused behavior, their tendency to return to specific locations-- almost like a spawning ground."

Guy's passion and enthusiasm was contagious, but I asked if he could summarize the hypothesis. "What if human contact with Cryptids coincide with their mating seasons? Perhaps we could use this knowledge as a method for predicting their movements."

Fascinating. I then asked if he had any suggestions for steps we could take to utilize this knowledge. "Emulation," he replied, with an odd smirk that Guy Foggarty fans know all-to-well. "Perhaps, if we learn their rituals, their desires, we could lure them out? We could emulate those behaviors to create the proper stimuli."

So I asked: is he suggesting we try and "woo" Cryptids?

"I'm simply raising the question of 'emulation.'"

I shudder to think what type of "emulation" it may be, but I do urge you, dear readers, to consider the possibilities! Garrison Foggarty's new book, "Cryptic Cryptids: The Puzzle of Procreation" will be out in early 2078.

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