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C-4 plastic explosive is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


The M112 Demolition Charge model of C-4 plastic explosive is a powerful explosive weapon. It can be placed on the ground like proximity mines, but will not detonate when enemies are near – instead, one must use the detonator to set them off. This makes C-4 useful for setting traps to kill unsuspecting enemies by placing it in their path, moving far away and setting off the explosive. If multiple C-4 charges are dropped, they will all go off simultaneously when the detonator is activated.

Reverse-pickpocketing plastic explosives will arm them prematurely. If detonated while hidden and staying hidden afterward, the Courier won't be blamed for the crime. Even if the target is dead, the C-4 will still be present on their corpse and can be detonated. In fact, reverse-pickpocketing isn't necessary; C-4 can also be easily planted nearby or in places where the intended victim frequently visits as part of their schedules, such as on beds or chairs. C-4 charges can be placed in plain view of anyone, as it is not a crime or an aggressive action to deploy them. Therefore, it is easy to set up ambushes with C-4, though its high cost is a deterrent, with a value of 1000 caps. Non-player characters witnessing C-4 being placed may make remarks such as "I can see what you're doing!" but they will not take action. However, if the victim is hit when throwing down the charge or if the target wasn't successfully killed with the initial blast, they will turn hostile to the Courier.

It is possible to trigger a C-4 charge without a detonator by shooting it. As long as the Courier remains hidden, non-player characters will not turn hostile (a silenced weapon is useful in these cases).

As an improved holdout weapon, it can be brought into weapon-free areas such as casinos with a Sneak skill of 50.



  • C-4 can be placed near a frag mine (or other proximity mines). This combination will act as a magnified proximity-triggered explosive and a detonator will, therefore, be unnecessary.
  • C-4 can detonate from an immense range. The max range is well over 200 meters or 14000 game units; however, actors won't render outside of 200m, making it pointless to detonate at this range. C-4 should only be detonated when the target non-player character can be seen.
  • The game model used for C-4 is actually a re-textured bottlecap mine.
  • The text on the side of the box reads "charge demolition M112 with taggant 1-1/4 lbs comp C-4."
  • Placing too many blocks on top of each other may cause the C-4 to blow up without the use of a detonator. This is because each C-4 block has a health of 5, and the block does 1 point of damage to whatever it hits.

Behind the scenes

  • Unlike C-4 in-game which can be detonated with a gunshot, C-4 in real life is very stable and insensitive to most physical shocks.
  • During the Vietnam War, some military units even used it as fuel for fire or to heat their rations, though this was officially discouraged as it gives off toxic fumes.


Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Some versions of the game have a freezing glitch when C-4 is equipped in Vault 22. This can make completing the quest There Stands the Grass a little harder.[verified]