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Bysshe: a leader in eco-friendly natural gas.— Harpers Ferry tunnel terminal entries

The Bysshe Energy Company, also called Bysshe Co., was a pre-War company in the energy sector. In 2077, it operated the research vessel USS Ozymandias and acquired rights in the area of Point Lookout to probe for natural gas resources. It also developed a powerful Assaultron unit, the Imposter Sheepsquatch.

Known projects

Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001

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The purpose of Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001 was to determine whether sufficient deposits of bio-gas were present on Point Lookout to make large-scale diggings viable.[1]

Operation: Mary's Little Lamb

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An ambitious covert plan to allow Bysshe to seize land, the Company commissioned Calvin van Lowe, one of its talented engineers, to create an Imposter Sheepsquatch out of an Assaultron and cause a string of Sheepsquatch sightings. In that way, Bysshe hoped to throw property values in Lewisburg into freefall so that it could buy up the town.[2] The project team consisted of Calvin (codenamed "Blacksheep") as the main developer, Bo-Peep as the handler, and Big Bad Wolf as the fixer.[3] At some point, the Imposter Sheepsquatch escaped containment, severely injuring van Lowe and killing Bo-Peep, leading to Big Bad Wolf being dispatched to investigate. After discovering their fates, he acquired prototype anti-robot technology originally intended for sabotaging Hornwright Industrial robots[4] from Allan Garrahan,[5] and used it to set up the pylon ambush site in an attempt to contain the rogue Assaultron.[6]

Harpers Ferry Tunnel natural gas pipeline

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The Bysshe Natural Gas Co. offered to maintain a historic train tunnel near the town of Harpers Ferry, to which the town readily agreed. This seemingly altruistic act allowed them to secretly construct an illegal underground pipeline within the tunnel.[7] The facility used a new alphanumerical decryption system for improved info security to a middling degree of success, as many of the employees were unaccustomed to the changes.[8][9] Due to its closed climate control, water cycling systems, and emergency food supplies, the employees inside survived the Great War unscathed, initially not even noticing the devastation.[10] However, they sickened and died over time when one employee, Mel, put herbicide in their water supply in an attempt to curb the rapidly growing strangler vines intruding into their space.[11]


Bysshe Energy Partners was responsible for Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001. Bysshe Natural Gas Co. was another subsidiary company of Bysshe Co. It sent Caroline Saunders to act as the principal geological chemist for the field research of Natural Gas Survey Project MD-16-001, and was also responsible for the operation of the underground gas pipeline in the Harpers Ferry tunnel.



The company is fond of building hidden installations behind reinforced doors, with these installations only being accessible after inputting a code using a company calendar, as was the case of their installations at Van Lowe Taxidermy and the Harpers Ferry tunnel.


Bysshe's Ozymandias appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout. The Bysshe Company and its subsidiaries are mentioned in terminal entries inside the ship's wreck. The company also appears in the Fallout 76 updates Wild Appalachia and Steel Reign.

Behind the scenes

The company name is a reference to Percy Bysshe Shelley. The research vessel USS Ozymandias from Point Lookout is also a reference to a Shelley poem Ozymandias.