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I'm Buzzsaw, your Master of Ceremonies for this robot throwdown.

Buzzsaw is a member of the Rust Eagles and serves as the announcer for the Metal Dome in Appalachia. He also narrates the action during the Test Your Metal event.


Buzzsaw is said to be a great organizer when it comes to delegating work tasks, and helped manage the construction of the Metal Dome such as telling others where to look for materials. For example, he said to look for speakers at a high school.[1] Buzzsaw compiled a list of robot parts needed to create "Killbots" and found some RobCo crates full of odds and ends in a train car.[2]

Buzzsaw gathered the best of the best botsmiths among the Blood Eagles in order to form the Rust Eagles, seeing the value in having a robot to do the dirty work.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

FoS ghost costume.png
This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.
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This character cannot be killed.
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This character is involved in events.
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This character appears in the following locations.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Tattered field jacket (20%)
Leather coat (20%)
Traveling leather coat (20%)
Explorer outfit (20%)
Raider scavenger (20%)


Buzzsaw is planned to appear in Fallout 76.