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The Button Gwinnett Brewery was a Boston-based beer company that bottled and produced a range of award-winning beers before the Great War.


Founded by a local brewer, Button Gwinnett, the namesake of the founding father, the Button Gwinnett beer company's primary brewing operation and restaurant operated out of South Boston.[1] Pre-War, the brewery bottled a range of award-winning beers, especially the locally-renowned Southie Stout, voted Boston's Best Beer, twice; 2051 and 2062.[1]

The Gwinnett Beer company also produced several other types of Gwinnett-brand beer, including the infamous Bunker Hill Brew, Pale Ale, Dead Redcoat Ale, Peabody Pilsner, and the Blackened Victory Lager.

Tours of both the craft and seasonal wings were offered on-site at the brewery, costing $59 per visit. The tours were held every half-hour by certified employees of the restaurant, lasting from noon to eight o'clock. Also offered were tours of the primary brewing operation, costing $119 and held at various hours in the afternoon. Free samplings were given following the tour, with souvenir pint glasses distributed to guests taking part in tours of the main brewing operation.[2] Customers could purchase beer, both regular and seasonal from the Gwinnett brewery's gift shop, in various sizes, from a single pint all the way up to a massive keg.[2] Various promotional merchandise, including T-shirts, were also available.

Customers of the Gwinnett brewery included the Hotel Rexford, the famed Irish pub known as the Shamrock Taphouse, and Fenway Park.[3] Another local operation, the Beantown Brewery, produced at least one Gwinnett-brand beer, the Bunker Hill Brew. However, its corporate relationship with the Gwinnett Beer company is unknown.


The Button Gwinnett Brewery company is mentioned only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The Button Gwinnett Brewery is extremely similar in name and products to the real-world Samuel Adams brand of beers and the Boston Beer company. Both companies were named after founding fathers.



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