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I can hear you breathing. That means you and I haven't met. The Family thought they could set up this string bean to take the fall in my audit. It's far from a fair fight. I'd like to pick on someone more my size, like you. Tell you what, if you can beat me, I'll leave. Unlike these suit-wearing numbskulls, I ain't a thug. You have my word.

Buttercup is the head of the Atlantic City Internal Revenue Service, appearing in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part one, Boardwalk Paradise.


Buttercup is one of the most terrifying inhabitants of Atlantic City. His strength and brutality are legendary,[1] and his name is spoken in hushed tones. Although it is derived from Giddyup Buttercup, Buttercup wears it with pride, as it dates back to the pre-Lane times, when he was running with an Acee gang: In a shouting match with a rival gang from the Casino Quarter, the future Buttercup decided to answer insults with violence. The two gangs were bickering outside a pre-War toy store, and the closest thing at hand was a fully-assembled Giddyup, which he used to bludgeon the other ganger to death. His gang decided to nickname him Buttercup, which was answered with more violence using the Buttercup. He adopted the nickname as his own name, and kept the toy as a memento.[2]

While he is proud of the name, he holds no illusions about the time before Timothy Lane's rule as mayor. The city floundered under Carly Day, with starvation, disease, and crime rampant. While he was a part of the problem, when Lane marched onto city hall to replace Day, Buttercup threw his lot in with him. The two have become fast friends,[3] and Buttercup holds immense respect for Lane due to the way he turned Acee around and turned it into a functioning city. While it is far from perfect, it has food, water, electricity, and safety - which is more than most wasteland settlements can offer.[4] As a former ganger who's no stranger to violence, Buttercup was appointed as the head of the IRS, responsible for extracting dues from the Showmen and Lombardi Family. Buttercup loves his job and he's a crucial asset in keeping the balance of power between the factions intact.[5] His auditors are as violent as he is,[6] and utterly loyal to Buttercup, to the point of dying with his name on their lips.[7] Among the rest of the Munis, he's treated with a mixture of respect and fear, and rumors about his violence keep circulating, like him using someone's jawbone as a nail file.[8] Some would also prefer he got rid of his trophy horse.[9]

In recent times, with the passing of Don Quentino Lombardi, the situation started to destabilize. While Concerta Lombardi is good at maintaining the illusion that her brother is still alive, Lane realized the truth based on the email exchanges. Sensing weakness, he decided to set Buttercup loose on the Lombardis and collect outstanding dues,[10] which were suspiciously low ever since a new COO took over accounting.[11] The fact that several auditors went missing while investigating the shortfall has added a personal edge to the situation: Buttercup is not going to take deaths among his gang lying down.[12]


Buttercup has little time for relationships due to his passion for tax collection (and the associated violence), which is a problem for Anna Barone, the Muni dispatcher: She is rather taken with him, but Buttercup repeatedly turned her overtures down,[13] believing that his first duty is to Atlantic City and dating might distract him from tracking down tax dodgers. However, since he finds her presence tolerable, he still asks her out for drinks from time to time,[14] and brings her small tokens of his appreciation, like the severed heads of Overgrown he collects, to inspire Anna and remind her that she is a warrior.[15] He's been spending increasing amounts of time with her, which has led to concerns among auditors that he's going soft,[16] although Anna doesn't consider it dating and is still bitter over the initial rejection.[17]

Buttercup's closest relationship is with Mayor Timothy Lane. Lane is very fond of Buttercup[18] and just about the only person who can engage in playful ribbing with Buttercup and walk away with his limbs intact, and openly describes Buttercup as a big, tough, pre-War action movie character who's harmless as long as nobody crosses him.[19] Buttercup is a loyal and trusted friend in turn, even generous, though his preferred gift is the severed heads of enemies or bloodied implements.[20] Crucially, Buttercup is privy to the secret of Carly Day's fate, and makes sure the truth stays buried, even if a few aspiring journalists wind up six feet under.[21]

He is on looser terms with Timothy's wife, Frieda Lane, who constantly wonders how Buttercup stays in shape and is so buff with so little protein in his diet.[22]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Tax Evasion


  • Tax Evasion: Buttercup heads the IRS audit at The Neapolitan Casino and is the final challenge in the expedition. He's well aware that Billy is a fall guy and offers the Vault 76 dwellers a deal: If they manage to best him in battle, then Billy may live and the auditors walk away (only to return again). Buttercup hates picking on small fry and prefers a proper challenge.[23] However, he is ready to kill Billy otherwise.[24][25]
    • Buttercup is a strong combatant, with about three times as much health as a mythic deathclaw, further enhanced by a full suit of Civic Duty power armor and a creature perk reducing incoming damage by 25%. He uses an assault rifle in combat and while its damage output is reduced by 50%, Buttercup is always assisted by several auditors providing covering fire.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Civic Duty power armor (Tax Evasion)
Greaser jacket and jeans/Enforcer's outfit
Patrolman sunglasses
Assault rifle (-50% damage)


Buttercup appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part one, Boardwalk Paradise.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Similar to the design process for Billy Beltbuckles, the writing for Buttercup's character began with quest designer Stephanie Zachariadis asking the development team for a name, specifically for a character who was tough, but with an unfitting name. Zachariadis received many suggestions, including Buttercup, from another developer who had the buttercup flower in mind. However, Zachariadis then thought of the Giddyup Buttercup toy in-game, and came up with a story of Buttercup earning his nickname from beating someone to death with the toy.[Non-game 1]
  • Buttercup's appearance and implacability mirror that of the Terminator, as portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, one of the script notes for Timothy Lane's dialogue reads: "Amused, speaking fondly of Buttercup, the tough Terminator-esque head of the IRS." According to Stephanie Zachariadis, Buttercup was designed to be like a "1980s action hero-type tough guy" from the beginning.[Non-game 1]



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