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Butcher's Bill is a Railroad side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Railroad side quest: Butcher's Bill
Talk to Doctor Carrington.
Head to the designated location.
Recover the dead drop. Listen to the Augusta report.
Head to Kendall Hospital.
Explore the safehouse.
Listen to the Augusta station last update.
Flip the circuit-breaker.
Outrun the deathclaw.
Kill the deathclaw.
Flip the circuit-breaker.
Report back to Doctor Carrington.
Reward: 300 XP
150 caps
Leads to: Butcher's Bill 2

Detailed walkthrough

  1. On completion of Boston After Dark Carrington mentions concerns about the status of a couple of safehouses. The Railroad was struck simultaneously at many of their locations when The Switchboard fell.
  2. Head to the dead drop, its location varies and is determined by the radiant quest system. Take the holotape from the container and play it.
  3. Head to Kendall Hospital and make your way inside, exploring the safehouse while keeping watch for traps and raiders until the elevator is reached.
  4. After the elevator follow the path until reaching the large, open room. The quest marker is a floor down, avoid or kill the raiders, then listen to the report.
  5. Drop down to the bottom floor, kill a deathclaw, flip the circuit breaker in the southeastern corner, then head out.
  6. Alternatively—flip the circuit breaker, run to the now-energized door, push the button and outrun the deathclaw to exit.
  7. Return to HQ and turn in the quest.

Quest stages

100 Go to the Dead Drop
200 Determine status of Augusta Safehouse
300 Report back to Doctor Carrington
400Icon checkQuest complete
9000Icon checkQuest failed


PCIcon pc The dead drop may not appear at the noted location.[verification needed]

  • Possible fix includes progressing through other Railroad missions until given another safe-house mission. This may make the dead drop appear with both missions packages.
  • It can also be fixed via console commands on PC:
    • Add the note found in the dead drop: player.additem 00189b38 1.
    • Set the current objective as complete: setobjectivecompleted 000b1f1d 100 1.
    • Advance the quest to the next objective: setstage 000b1f1d 200.
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxone The bug can be avoided by not quick traveling and going out the escape way mentioned by the doctor.

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