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Butcher's Bill is a Railroad side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Railroad side quest: Butcher's Bill
Talk to Doctor Carrington
Travel to the designated dead drop.
Collect the Augusta report from the dead drop and listen to it.
Travel to Kendall Hospital.
Explore the hospital to find the Augusta station last update.
Backtrack to the entrance and exit the building.
Drop to the bottom of the large final room and flip the circuit breaker.
Kill the deathclaw.
Evade the deathclaw.
Report back to Doctor Carrington.
Reward: 300 XP
150 caps
Leads to: Butcher's Bill 2

Detailed walkthrough

After the Sole Survivor has completed Boston After Dark, Carrington will mention his concerns about two Railroad safehouses who were attacked at the same time as the attack on the Switchboard but whose current status has yet to be confirmed. He asks the Sole Survivor to look into the current status of the Augusta Safehouse.

The details of the location of the Augusta safehouse are contained in a dead drop which will be marked on the map. Its location varies and is determined by the radiant quest system. Travel to the dead drop, take the holotape from the marked container and listen to it to learn that the Augusta Safehouse is located at Kendall Hospital.

Travel to the hospital and explore the building to find a holotape containing the safehouse's last report. From the entrance, travel upwards until an elevator is reached. Take the elevator which will lead to a large, open room with makeshift walkways and wooden structures built around its perimeter. Once in this room, travel downwards using the walkways and stairs towards the quest marker. The holotape is in a desk, two floors down from where the large room is entered.

After collecting the holotape, exit the building and report back to Carrington at Railroad HQ to complete the quest.

The player character can exit the building by retracing their steps and exiting from the door where they entered. Alternatively, they can drop down to the bottom of the large room where the Augusta station last update holotape is located, flip the circuit breaker in the southeastern corner, and exit from there. There is a deathclaw hiding at the bottom of this room which will attack the Sole Survivor on sight - it may either be outrun or defeated.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Go to the Dead DropSince the fall of Switchboard, the Railroad's been picking up the pieces. Carrington is sending me to check the status of Augusta Safehouse. The details will be at another dead drop.
200 Determine status of Augusta SafehouseAt the dead drop, I received the location of Augusta Safehouse. Augusta's been dark for a long time so who knows what to expect there.
300 Report back to Doctor CarringtonI found a holotape which recorded the final moments of Augusta Safehouse. The Institute attacked them and it's doubtful there were any survivors. Time to report in to Doctor Carrington.
400Quest finishedQuest completeWith my findings about Augusta, a total of three safehouses were destroyed with Switchboard. Grim days for the Railroad. Carrington has nothing more for me right now.
9000Quest failedQuest failed


Despite the fact that all living occupants are raiders, only a few dead synths can be found, and the presence of numerous Railroad corpses desecrated in a typical raider fashion, the Sole Survivor will claim the safehouse was destroyed by The Institute.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The dead drop may not appear at the noted location. [verified]

  • A possible fix includes progressing through other Railroad missions until given another safehouse mission. This may make the dead drop appear with both missions packages.
  • It can also be fixed via console commands on PC:
    • Add the note found in the dead drop: player.additem 00189B38 1.
    • Set the current objective as complete: setobjectivecompleted 000B1F1D 100 1.
    • Advance the quest to the next objective: setstage 000B1F1D 200.
  • Xbox OneXbox One The bug can be avoided by not fast traveling and going out the escape way mentioned by the doctor.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 The easiest solution is to load a previous save before accepting the mission and try again.