Burst Shot

Burst Shot is shooting multiple bullets with a single action.

Cost and effects[edit | edit source]

Burst Shot costs one more AP than single shot and generally has a better punch, but it lacks accuracy and eats ammo quickly. Since the bullets spray at a cone shape, it is best when around point blank range as many bullets may strike the same target.

This mode will use multiple rounds of ammunition. Every type of burst weapon will have a different rate of fire (ROF), which determines the number of rounds fired with a single action. Burst weapons use ammo faster, but generally have a better chance to hit overall. Every single bullet will get an individual chance to hit. Even with a low skill, burst weapons with a high ROF will usually hit something, where 'something' is the key word. Burst weapons not only attack the target, but any other potential target within the cone shaped area of effect.

A burst is capable of covering many hexes and hitting all targets within that area. Most of the bullets are aimed at the primary target. The rest of the bullets can strike anybody within the cone. Friends, enemies, helpless brahmin, whatever is in the cone that is centered around the target. Each bullet will do the weapons listed amount of damage (except in Fallout Tactics, where the burst deals a reduced amount of damage, usually 90% of the full damage). If all rounds hit, a burst weapon can do an awful lot of damage: standing right on top of a target and bursting them will leave them riddled by all the bullets. The cone needs a minimum of a few hexes to work.

Besides potentially using a lot of ammo, burst shots may not be targeted. There is just too much recoil to focus the aim at the precise target.

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