A burnt comic is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


There are several different variations of burnt comics: Manta-Man, Grognak, Unstoppables, and Mistress of Mystery comics. There are no specific uses for burnt comics, as they cannot be scrapped.


Fallout 4Edit



  • 42 in Hubris Comics.
  • Eight can be found inside Somerville Place, one on the bookshelf by the door, three on the bookshelf by the back wall and 2 in the room off to the side.
  • Eight in the drug den.
  • Seven near Blast Off! in the Galactic Zone.
  • Six in Suffolk County charter school.
  • Five in Vault 75.
  • Two on top of the Harbormaster hotel.


  • 33 in Hubris Comics.
  • Two located North East of The Slog in what looks like a small restaurant on the counter on the left when you open the advanced locked door.
  • Three in the drug den.

Fallout 76Edit

Mistress of MysteryEdit


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