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Burned on the River is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Solar Cannon."

Quick walkthrough

  • First clue at the South Boston military checkpoint on a corpse in a trailer.
  • First safe opened by pressing bell 4 times.
  • Second safe opened by entering code 5-3-6.
  • Third safe opened by code 1-2-11-12.

Detailed walkthrough

Find three notes, one on a Gunner at the South Boston military checkpoint and the others in two safes near Big John's Salvage. Use Sarge's clue #3 ("lining up the cards") to unlock the final safe.

First clue

In a note titled, "Sarge's clue #1" can be found on a Gunner named Jack whose body can be found in a trailer at the military checkpoint. Following the note's instructions and going to the nearby Red Rocket gas station, you can find a wall safe that will open if you activate the bell in the foyer four times. Similarly, you can open the safe by 'hot wiring' it if you have Hacker rank 1, or an Intelligence of 5 or greater.

Second clue

After opening the wall safe in the Red Rocket, you will be given the note titled, "Sarge's clue #2". Heading to a small house not to far to the east of the Red Rocket and going behind it you will find a red dog house, and inside it is a floor safe. The code is 5-3-6, which corresponds to the bowling sign on the road.

Third clue

After popping open the second safe you will receive Sarge's third and final clue, "Sarge's clue #3". Once you find the safe inside a bus inside a nearby underpass, the code is 1-2-11-12, corresponding to the playing card values associated with the names of Sarge's Gunner crew, in the order he listed their names in his third note.

Once the safe is unlocked the quest will immediately complete. Inside the safe is the "Exterminator's Solar cannon rifle" as well as Sarge's note and some other loot.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Search the South Boston military checkpointBefore the war, I read about several experimental weapons purchased by the government. I should try visiting the military outpost in South Boston to see what I can find.
9 Read Sarge's clueI found a dead Gunner in the back of a trailer. The note on his body might explain what happened to him.
10 Investigate the Red RocketAccording to the note on the dead Gunner, their commanding officer is hiding a piece of valuable loot, and the other three members in the crew are off looking for it.
11 Read Sarge's second clueThe second clue tells me to look for a house that's painted red. It also details how to open a safe once I locate the house.
20 Search the area for the house painted red
25 Use Sarge's clue to open the doghouse safe
26 Read Sarge's third clueSarge's third clue says he hid a valuable piece of loot in a bus below the freeway overpass, to the north of the outpost. It looks like this is where the trail ends.
30 Find and unlock Sarge's safeI opened the safe inside the red doghouse. I'll need to read Sarge's next clue to figure out where the trail ends.
100Quest finishedI opened the safe and found a powerful weapon inside. It turns out that Sarge intended for the loot to be a gift for his squad. However, the other members killed him and each other before he got the chance to surprise them.


  • The tattoo on Queen is available to the player after finding the issue of "Taboo Tattoos" inside the Mass Pike Tunnel.
  • Sarge mentions he found some 'dirty magazines' to add to his loot in his last clue, because of this, a burnt magazine can be found inside of the safe.

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