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Most people judge based on appearances. They don't care to know me. The person who exists beyond their preconceptions. I have no need for male or female, or anything else. I'm free.

Burke is a member of the Crater Raiders War Party, found in the Crater war room in Appalachia.


Burke was once a guard whose employer kept Pierce as a prisoner. Despite the situation, Pierce treated Burke with respect. Sheena arrived and the three decided to escape together.[1] Burke felt their employer deserved worse than death, but instead of killing him, Burke stole his most treasured possession: a dove necklace. Burke views the necklace as a reminder for who they are and the values they believe in.[2]

Burke is a quiet member of the Crater Raiders, at least around the Vault Dweller, and prefers actions over words. Burke will become more talkative and open up to the Vault Dweller upon seeing they can be trusted, especially if their dove necklace is returned. Burke's role involves guarding, general labor and killing enemies.[3]

When they first joined the group, other Raiders had incorrect expectations about what Burke would be like. They gave Burke "titles" such as "The Silent Man" and "Albino Dog." However, Pierce approached Burke, asking if something else would make them feel better. Eventually they decided to refer to Burke with a neutral "they." Although Pierce does not fully understand Burke's feelings, he wants them to feel comfortable in the group nonetheless and uses Burke's preferred pronouns to respect them.[4]

Burke highly treasures and is protective of their friends Pierce, Sheena and Marcia Leone. Burke admires Marcia for being nice and having resilience. Burke finds Sheena to be a little scary sometimes, however.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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  • Property Rights: Burke does not have a major role in this quest, though doing this quest can let the Vault Dweller speak to Burke for the first time for more information about the group.
  • Missing Persons: Burke and Sheena go to the AMS corporate headquarters, but there, they become captured and imprisoned in the basement by Kit and the Hellcat Company. The Vault Dweller and Marcia find Burke's necklace in the building.

Other interactions[]

  • Upon being found during Missing Persons, Burke can have their necklace returned to them, and the Vault Dweller can choose to either leave them in the cells to rot, or find some way to let them out. Being rude to Burke can increase the chances of Marcia deciding not to return to the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • If one calls Burke a freak in conversation with them, Sheena will come to their defense, though Burke will comment that they are not surprised by such remarks anymore.[5]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Road leathers Random ranged weapon
Molotov cocktail, Frag grenade
1-5 pre-War money, Stimpak

Notable quotes[]


Burke appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update and expanded upon in Steel Reign.

Behind the scenes[]

Burke is the first known character in the Fallout series to identify off the gender binary, preferring neutral pronouns. Burke was written by quest designer Ellys Tan, who also uses they/them pronouns.[6] Burke's voice actor, Jason Greene, is also genderfluid and prefers the same pronouns as well.



  1. Burke: "My employer was holding Pierce prisoner. I was his guard. Even in that situation, Pierce treated me like a person. Not as a tool. He saw me. When Sheena arrived, we all escaped together. The rest is history."
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  3. Vault Dweller: "What do you do around here?"
    Burke: "Guard places. Lift things. Kill people."
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    Vault Dweller: "Why do you refer to Burke as 'they'?"
    Pierce: "Because it suits them better. When I first met Burke... they were different. Secluded. Like they didn't want anyone to see them. Burke flinched when others talked about them. People expected things based on how they looked. They had these... titles. The Silent Man. Albino Dog. One day I asked if something else would feel better. It took some trial and error, but we eventually settled on the neutral 'they'. They're a much happier person now, for the insignificant price of a word."
    Vault Dweller: "I'm glad to hear that."
    Pierce: "Me too. We all have a public perception in this world. Sometimes it doesn't match what we feel inside. And there is nothing we can do about that. But other times, there is. And I don't need to understand everything Burke is feeling to want to see a smile on their face."
    (Pierce's dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "What a freak."
    Burke: "..."
    Sheena: "Hey! Don't you fucking talk to Burke like that!"
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  6. Ellys Tan on Twitter: "Yes, I wrote Burke. :) Some other devs also worked on content involving them."