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Lay to rest a soldier's remains.

Daily: Buried with Honor is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Daily quest: Buried with Honor
Listen to the radio transmission from Grafton mayor.
Head to Prickett's Fort and initiate dialogue with its curator.
Retrieve soldier's remains from the fort.
Head to Philippi Battlefield Cemetery and place the remains in the open grave.
Equip any shovel and activate the dirt mound next to the grave in order to bury the remains.
Reward: 400 XP, 40 Bottle cap, 3 Legendary Scrip, random items

Detailed walkthrough

The Grafton mayor tasks the Vault Dweller with assisting the Prickett's Fort curator, by giving the recently discovered remains of a soldier from the Civil War era a proper burial in a nearby cemetery. The quest is initiated automatically, once the mayor starts the radio transmission, which can happen as soon as the player steps foot in the Toxic Valley.

Head to Prickett's Fort, and initiate dialogue with its curator, found at the bottom of the fort near the parking lot. Once the curator starts speaking its lines, head up to the fort, and pick up the soldier's remains from a table, in a wooden cabin in the southwestern corner of the fort.

From there, follow state route 97 in the southwestern direction towards the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery. Once there, interact with the open grave near the flagpole, upon which the remains are placed inside it. Lastly, equip any shovel, and interact with the dirt pile next to the grave, in order to bury the remains. Watch out for the mongrels prowling around the graves and the yao guai serving as the area boss in the parking lot.

Doing so results in another transmission from the Grafton mayor and completes the quest. The rewards are 400 XP, 40 caps, three legendary scrip and random items, with a small chance for a legendary weapon or armor.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Talk to the CuratorGrafton's mayor says that the curator at Prickett's Fort needs my help.
Get the remainsThe curator at Prickett's Fort excavated a Civil War soldier's remains. He's asked that I give the body a burial in Philippi Battlefield Cemetery.
Put the remains in open grave
Bury the remains
I've buried the remains of the Civil War soldier at Philippi Battlefield Cemetery.
Complete Quest


A shovel can be found next to the open grave in the dirt mound. If another player has recently completed this quest, chances are that this shovel will not be there. Instead, another shovel will be placed behind a nearby tree if the player attempts to bury the remains without a shovel equipped.