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Lead Meg's crew of raiders to break into Vault 79 and make off with the loot.

Buried Treasure is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


After dealing with Lev's rebellion and returning to Meg Groberg in the Crater Core, head to Vault 79. Use the given keycode to enter, then meet with Meg, Lucky Lou, Johnny Weston, Gail, and Ra-Ra. Speak to Lou once their conversation is over and all preparations are complete; he will detonate the charges around the vault door to allow entry.

Meg will order Gail, Ra-Ra, and Johnny to enter and deal with the vault's security systems while she and Lou stay outside to watch the flank and ensure no betrayals are attempted. Due to Johnny's high demanded cut of the loot, Meg will ask the Vault Dweller to watch his actions in the vault. After either ignoring her conversation or finishing with her, enter the vault itself. The vault is filled with various robotic enemies, including automated turrets, Protectrons, Mister Gutsies, and Eyebots. After reaching the locked door to the security wing with Johnny and co. and listening to his orders, head to the nearby terminal and collect the Vault 79 facilities management keycard. Use it on the locked door directly across from the main entrance, then head inside and flip the breaker.

Afterwards, enter the security wing, which is filled with a large number of robotic enemies. Gail, Ra-Ra, and Johnny will enter a nearby room which locks after them, and one must defeat all the enemies outside, then speak to them using the intercom outside. Johnny will trigger security subprograms recognizing him as an ex-convict while attempting to hack the system - with lethal force to be used upon further failure - and will ask for whether to proceed hacking or finding a different plan. He can be told to stop, or lied to to proceed; lying to him will result in him being killed by turrets inside the room. Either way, the only other option is to use Gail to fool the biometric scanner - guide her through conversation with AC. He will unlock the following security gate, allowing passage into the atrium. An assaultron and other enemies are in the way. After entering the atrium, defeat the robots which spawn, including a three-star legendary sentry bot that emerges from a separate lift under the pool table, which is given plenty of warning of its arrival by the warning lights on the underside of the table and hisses of steam as the seal is released. Choose whether Ra-Ra should unlock only the next door, or try to unlock more; unlocking more will spawn several waves of Mister Gutsies.

The next area is the dorm hallway; near the end is an optional room off to the side which holds the legendary weapon Slug Buster. Ra-Ra can be asked to open the door to access it, or to move on. Afterwards, she will open the door to the next area.

Talk to AC again through the intercom once in the next section. Finishing this conversation will complete the quest and start the next quest, Secrets Revealed. Completing this quest for the first time unlocks the Go for the Gold achievement/trophy. Also, siding with the Raiders with hitting the Vault awards the fashionable raider outfit to the player character.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Meet with the GangLead Meg's crew of raiders to break into Vault 79 and make off with the loot.
We're finally all ready to break into the Vault. Time to meet the gang at the entrance to Vault 79.
? Use the code on the Keypad to enter: <Variable=MyVault79Code>In order to meet up with Meg's gang, I need to put a code into the keypad at the secret entrance to Vault 79. Meg gave me a note with the code on it in case I need it.
? Tell Lou to start the demolitionLou's waiting on me to give him the word so he can blast his way into the Vault.
? Wait for the entrance to be clearLou detonated the explosives. Now we're just waiting for the dust to settle before we enter. We'll enter once Meg gives us the go-ahead.
? Speak with MegMeg needs to talk to me about something before I follow the others into the vault.
? Meet up with JohnnyI need to meet up with Johnny and the others.
? Check the Terminal to open the doorThe path forward is closed. I need to look for a way to open it. Johnny suggested checking for terminals that might control the door.
? Get the Facilities Management KeycardThe door won't open until I flip a breaker in the Facilities Management Room. Once I do that, we should be able to proceed.
? Flip the Breaker to open the doorThe door won't open until I flip a breaker in the Facilities Management Room. Once I do that, we should be able to proceed.
? Meet up with JohnnyI need to catch up to Johnny so we can continue to get to the treasure.
? Use the Intercom to speak with JohnnyIt looks like Johnny and the others are in a bind. There's an intercom I can use to speak with them and find out what to do next.
I can either push Johnny to keep trying to hack his way into the Vault's security system, which could have severe consequences if he fails, or we need to come up with another plan.
? Coach Gail through the IntercomWith Johnny unable to hack his way into the vault's security system, we now need to rely on my skills at coaching Gail through the biometric scanner system.
? Find AC in the Auxiliary Operations CenterWe spoke with AC, who is trapped deeper in the vault. He opened the way forward for us. We need to make it to the Auxiliary Operations Center and find out what to do next.
? Defeat the Sentry BotA Sentry bot appeared and accosted us on the way to the Auxiliary Operations Center. We need to defeat it, then figure out what to do to proceed.
? Find a way out of the AtriumThe way to the Auxiliary Operations Center is still blocked after defeating the Sentry Bot. Ra-Ra seems to have an idea. I should speak with her.
? Speak to Ra-RaRa-Ra is working on getting the door open so we can proceed. We just have to deal with whatever the Vault's security system throws at us in the meantime.
? Wait for Ra-Ra to open the doorRa-Ra managed to open the atrium door, allowing us to exit and proceed to AC's location.
? Speak with Ra-RaI need to catch up with Ra-Ra and speak with her. She'll be waiting for us up ahead after opening the door.
? Ask Ra-Ra to open the doorThere's another door blocking our way to the Auxiliary Operations Center. This sounds like another job for Ra-Ra.
The door is now open, and I think I see AC on the other side. We should approach and find out what's going on.


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One After entering the Auxiliary Operations Center, Johnny, Gail, and Ra-Ra will enter a room where the door will close behind them before the player character may enter. Requiring the player character to continue the quest using the intercom. However, the door may be open with an invisible wall preventing access, the intercom not marked as a quest objective. In addition, enemies, such as eyebots, may enter the room and prevent Gail and the others from completing a scripted sequence. Exiting the Vault via the elevator and exiting the game to the main menu, while destroying any robots approaching the group, may fix these issues.