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Help the mayor of Grafton.

Bureau of Tourism is a main quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

While traveling near Grafton in the Toxic Valley, the player character's Pip-Boy will pick up a signal from WGRF Grafton radio, which covers a very large radius when seen on the map, including Morgantown. The quest starts as soon as the signal is picked up. Listening to the radio will prompt the listener to travel to the Grafton city hall and speak to the mayor there.

The Grafton mayor is located upstairs in the building across the road from the Grafton trading post where vendor bot Greg sets up shop. The mayor will ask the player character to assist with four tasks to prepare various tourist attractions around Toxic Valley for the upcoming tourist season. The tasks can be completed in any order and are located at Black Bear Lodge, Clarksburg Shooting Club, Prickett's Fort and Wavy Willard's Water Park.

Clarksburg Shooting Club

The shooting club is the closest task location to Grafton. It is located in the eastern section of Clarksburg which is located to the northeast of Grafton. Travel to the club and collect 10 Clarksburg Brew bottles which are scattered around the shooting range. The bottles are sitting on cinder blocks around the range, where they have been set up for target practice.

Black Bear Lodge

Black Bear Lodge is northeast of Clarksburg. The Black Bear Lodge check-in terminal located on a desk near the upper front door (accessed via the collapsed porch) requires repairing. Repairing the terminal requires one screw and one circuitry. If one does not have the required components, there is a large amount of junk at this location which will contain the necessary parts.

Wavy Willard's Water Park

Wavy Willard's Water Park is located in the northernmost section of the Toxic Valley, to the northwest of Black Bear Lodge. The task here is to open the park's water valve. The valve can be found in the partially flooded tunnels below the park. It can be accessed by dropping through a hole in one of the pools near the Splash Zone sign (the pool features a cobra head and is slightly north of the quest marker), or by using one of the access doors to the employee area on the northern side of the park. The valve is marked with a quest marker and can be turned by interacting with it.

Prickett's Fort

Prickett's Fort is located in the northeasternmost section of Toxic Valley near where the valley meets the Savage Divide. The token dispenser which needs to be repaired is located outside the welcome center, near a Nuka-Cola sign. Repairing the dispenser requires one gear and one spring.

Once all four tasks are complete, the quest concludes, awarding a level appropriate Trail Warden metal chest armor.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Tune into WGRF Grafton Radio
? Talk to Grafton MayorGrafton's computer mayor has asked me to repair several tourist sites in preparation for the 'tourist season.'
? Open the water value at Wavy Willard's Waterpark
? Pick up beer bottles [#/10] at the shooting range
? Repair Prickett's Fort token dispenser
? Repair Black Bear Lodge check-in terminal
?Quest finished(Quest completed)I have prepared all the tourist sites to open for Grafton's computer mayor.


Bureau of Tourism was considered a side-quest prior to patch when it was promoted to the main questline in an effort to encourage more exploration of the Toxic Valley.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Prior to patch, it was not possible to complete the portion of the quest to repair the Prickett's Fort token dispenser.[verified]