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- Buoy bell sound

Buoys in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout mark the location of hidden containers in the waters of Point Lookout. Buoys are easily located in the fog due to their bells. The actual caches are found underwater, directly below the buoys. While searching, keep an eye on the oxygen gauge or keep stimpaks at the ready.


The buoys are numbered consecutively, going clockwise around the map, starting in the northeast corner.

Buoy 1Edit

East of Coastal grotto.

Buoy 2Edit

Main article: Submerged T-Rex

Southeast of Coastal grotto.

Buoy 3Edit

Northeast of USS Ozymandias.

Buoy 4Edit

South of USS Ozymandias.

Buoy 5Edit

Southeast of Calvert Mansion, Northeast of Point Lookout Lighthouse.

Buoy 6Edit

East of Sub Recovery Site, West of Point Lookout Lighthouse. Halfway between them.

  • 1 safe (locked-average)
  • 1 ammunition crate (locked-very easy)
  • Lockers
  • 1 first aid box
  • 1 suitcase

Buoy 7Edit

Northwest of Sub Recovery Site.

  • 1 gun cabinet (locked-easy)
  • 3 metal boxes
  • 1 first aid box
  • 1 footlocker (locked-very easy)

Buoy 8Edit

Directly south of the Duchess Gambit.

  • 1 safe (locked-average)
  • 1 lawn mower
  • 2 visible ammunition crates (1 unlocked other has very easy lock). A third, very easy locked, ammunition crate is also present(It is glitched, occupying same game coordinates as the other locked one. It can be accessed by adjusting the angle of approach and focusing along the edge of the visible ammunition crate.)
  • A mini nuke under a half buried basket (directly in front of the lawn mower)
  • 1 footlocker

Buoy 9Edit

Southeast of the Disaster relief outpost (washed ashore and partially covered by sand).

  • 1 safe (locked-very easy)

Buoy 10Edit

South of Dove Delta

  • 1 trunk
  • 1 safe (locked-easy)

Additional submerged treasureEdit

Location bouy10

sunken ship location

1. South of the Disaster relief outpost, on a ship beneath the water.

  • 1 safe (locked-very easy)

2. South of the SSN-37-1A, under a ship on the surface.

3. East of Buoy 9, southeast of the disaster relief outpost, in the cabin of the stranded ship.

  • 1 safe (locked-easy)

4. North of USS Ozymandias, spilling out of an underwater crack in the hull of a half-submerged shipwreck.


Buoys appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


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