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Unlock a secure bunker and discover the secrets within.

Bunker Buster is a main quest in Fallout 76. Completing this quest allows the player character to learn about the Enclave and gain access to the Whitespring bunker.

Quick walkthrough

Main quest: Bunker Buster
Find and listen to the Operation Summary - Blackwell tape on a corpse inside the cave at abandoned waste dump.
Find the bypass holotape in one of the deathclaw nests.
Play the bypass holotape in front of the access panel to use the elevator into Sam Blackwell's bunker.
Throw the bunker's breaker.
Open the air flue.
Use Hacker 3 to hack the terminal and deactivate the laser grid
Reset the bunker's circuit conduit
Search the room for Blackwell's four possible access codes.
Unlock the wall safe with the correct access code (021584) and take the Congressional access card
Listen to the Welcome to the Whitespring holotape.
Reward: Deathclaw gauntlet.
Leads to: One of Us

Detailed walkthrough

The quest is started either by completing Uncle Sam which leads the player character to the abandoned waste dump in the southern end of the Mire or by independently finding the corpse of Agent Grey and listening to the holotape found on his corpse within the cave itself inside the dump.

The abandoned waste dump is inhabited by two deathclaws who are hostile to anyone who enters. The elevator which leads to Sam Blackwell's bunker below is locked. Search the area for Agent Grey's corpse (the northeastern section of the cave) which contains a holotape, Operation Summary - Blackwell, which indicates that a bypass holotape will allow access to the elevator and gives hints of some of the upcoming obstacles such as a laser grid and a security keypad. Search the deathclaw nests in the area to find the bypass holotape. The nest where it spawns is randomized.

After acquiring the bypass holotape, go back to the elevator and use the Pip-Boy to play the holotape while standing very close to the access panel. This will unlock the elevator and allow access into the bunker.

The innermost areas of the bunker are further protected by a laser grid. A security system manual reset note can be found in a desk in the area above the laser grid and gives instructions for resetting the system: activate the circuit breaker in the laundry room; open up the air flue above the generator; and activate the circuit conduit which is located above the vents. The location of these steps will be indicated by quest markers and they can be completed in any order. Alternatively, the security system terminal nearby can be hacked with Hacker 3, allowing the system to be reset without going through the previously described process. Activate the hand scanner by the security grid to gain access to Sam Blackwell's office.

There is a keypad in the room which requires a security code. Search the room for possible codes hidden in notes and terminal entries. The correct code corresponds to the date of Judy Blackwell's death, found in an entry titled 'Judy's Gone' on the terminal in the room. Enter this date into the keypad and a strange sound will be heard behind a painting of a ship on the wall. Reach behind the painting to find a Congressional access card and a holotape, Welcome to the Whitespring. Listening to the holotape will complete the quest and begin One of Us.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Search the area for a way inside the bunkerI found an active elevator insideIn-game spelling strange cave, but it looks like something bad happened inside. If I can find the remains of... whoever was riding, though, maybe I can find a way inside. OR
I found an active elevator that I think might lead to Sam Blackwell's bunker... but it looks like something bad happened inside. I can find the remains of.... whoever was riding it, though, maybe I can find a way inside.
? Listen to the "Operation Summary - Blackwell" tapeThis military holotape I found seems out of place in a nuclear waste disposal site. Suppose I ought to give it a listen. OR
I found what seems to be some kind of military holotape in the cavern that I think houses Sam Blackwell's bunker. Suppose I ought to give it a listen.
? Search the cavern for the "Bypass Holotape" inside of deathclaw nestsWoah. It seems I've found the bunker of a now-deceased Senator Blackwell. The agent that did the deed had a "Bypass Holotape" I might be able to use to get inside. I should see if I can find it. OR
Seems this is -- or was -- the place where Senator Blackwell had been hiding. If I can find this "Bypass Holotape" the assassin mentioned, maybe I can get inside. Should start by searching the cave.
? Play the "Bypass Holotape" in front of the access panelI found the Bypass Holotape mentioned by the agent in his operation report. If I can figure out how to use it, this might just be my ticket inside.
? Enter the bunkerThe "Bypass Holotape" granted me access to the elevator. Time to see what's inside.
? Explore the bunkerI made it inside the bunker. Time to see if what goodies might still be inside. OR
I made it inside Sam Blackwell's bunker. Wonder what might still be down here.
? Find a way to bypass the bunker's laser gridHmm. Seems there's a section of the bunker blocked by a laser grid. I'll have to find someway to past it.
? (Optional) Throw the bunker's breakerI found a note that suggests that if I can overload the bunker's power grid, I can reset the credentials to the handscanner. All I need to do is reset the circuit breaker, open the air flue, and activate the circuit conduit.
? (Optional) Open the air flue
? (Optional) Reset the bunker's circuit conduit
? Register your handprint with the security systemSuccess! I overloadedIn-game spelling bunker's power grid, NowIn-game spelling I just need to register my hand print in order to proceed deeper into the bunker. OR
All right.I reset the credentials to the laser grid. Now I just have to register my hand print and I should be able to get deeper inside.
? Explore the bunker's secure roomI've gained access to the bunker section past the laser grid. Time to see what's back there.
? Read "Record of divorce: The Blackwells"
? Read "Intelligence Memo - 8/16/77"
? Search the room for Blackwell's access codeThere's a strange keypad in this room, but it's not clear what it's linked to. Maybe if I can find its code, I can figure out its purpose.
? Possible code: Day of Judy Blackwell's Death - 021584
? Possible code: Sam Blackwell's Anniversary - 121855
? Possible code: Sam Blackwell's Congressional ID - 778232
? Possible code: Mysterious Invoice Number - 417604
? Investigate the sound coming from the paintingBingo. I figured out the right code, which unlocked a hidden compartment in a nearby painting. Let's see what's inside.
?Quest finishedListen to the holotape - "Welcome to the Whitespring"Behind the painting, I found a holotape and a Congressional ID. Guess I ought to give the holotape a listen.
It appears this ID will get me inside the Whitespring Congressional bunker. I wonder if any survived?

Behind the scenes

A bunker buster is a type of munition that is designed to penetrate deep underground bunkers.