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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bumble.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 You're my hero, ma'am. I want to be just like you when I grow up. 1
GREETING Happy 50 I'm going on an adventure! 2
GREETING Surprise 75 Whoa. You're big. You must be the biggest kid here! 3
Neutral 50 I'm the littlest kid. My real name's Betty. But mostly, I get called Bumble. 4
Neutral 50 What're you called, big kid? 5
GREETING Surprise 75 Whoa. I've never seen a mungo so close. 6
Surprise 50 Are you a Raider? Or a Slaver? Or a Mutant? 7
Surprise 25 'Cause if you are, I'm supposed to go hide 'cause I'm too young to use a gun yet. {pronounce "supposed" as "s'posed"} 8
GREETING Fear 50 Uh oh. Now what? 9
GREETING Surprise 50 You want to talk to me? 10
I'm a Slaver. And I think you're just the kid I'm looking for! Happy 50 <giggles> You're silly! {begin with innocent giggle at what is obviously a joke} 11
Anger 15 Mayor-Mac wouldn't ever let a slaver in here! You can't scare me! {Trying to be a big, tough girl.} 12
Happy 50 I'm gonna be big and tough like Lucy! And then I'm gonna go out on adventures and everything! 13
LLBumbleSlaver1B Bumble, do you want to go outside? Fear 25 No, I don't like the outside! 14
Bumble, do you want to see the outside with me? There's someone you should meet. Fear 25 I don't know. I'm not supposed to go outside. {pronounce "supposed to" as "s'post ta"} 15
LLBumbleSlaver1C Maybe you should wait before going on any adventures. Sad 5 Well, okay. But only 'cause Lucy says I shouldn't go outside alone yet. {A little petulant} 16
LLBumbleSlaver2A Come on, it'll be an adventure! Happy 75 Oh boy, an adventure! Let's go, let's go, oh pleeease, let's go now! 17
Don't you want to prove to everyone that you're a big girl? Happy 50 I am too a big girl! Let's go see the outside! 18
LLBumbleSlaver2B On second thought, maybe not. You could get into trouble. Sad 5 Awww. Well, maybe next time? 19
LLClasses What do you think of Joseph's classes? Happy 50 I learned how to tie my shoes, and how to put out a fire, and how to put bullets into a gun! {In the purest, sweetest, most innocent tones possible.} 20
Happy 75 Once my hands get big enough to hold one, Joseph says he's gonna teach me how to shoot for real! {In the purest, sweetest, most innocent tones possible.} 21
Happy 50 Learning is fun! {In the purest, sweetest, most innocent tones possible.} 22
LLDirections Can you give me directions? Fear 10 I dunno. I still get lost sometimes. Things are really big. 23
Friendly First Response
Sometimes, people call me the Vault Dweller. It's nice to meet you. Happy 50 It's nice to meet you, too. Did you come from the vault? I heard there's monsters down there. 24
Surprise 50 Eclair told me once, one of them, they got him and bit him right in the face and that's why he's only got one eye. 25
Happy 50 But you don't look like a monster, and I don't think you'd bite anyone in the face. You look like a nice vault dweller. 26
I'm not any of those. I'm a Vault Dweller. At least, I was when I was your age. Neutral 50 Did you live in the old vault below? I thought nobody lives down there now because it was full of monsters. 27
Neutral 50 Mayor doesn't let us go down there because when they went they didn't come back. 28
Neutral 50 You don't look like someone who didn't come back, so maybe you didn't come from there. 29
Rude First Response
None of your business, squirt. Sad 50 Oh, okay. Bye. {A little dejected.} 30
I'm a terrible monster, come to eat you up! Disgust 25 You don't look like a monster. Eclair says monsters are green or got all kinds of arms and you only got two and they're like mine. 31
Surprise 10 You just look like a mungo, and Knock Knock says they don't eat people unless they're lost and have to. 32
LLLMQ06TellMeAboutVault87 What do you know about Vault 87? Neutral 50 I don't know what that is, mister. {quiet, confused} 33
LLNicknames Why do they call you Bumble? Anger 15 It's just a name, okay? 34
Sad 15 Not my fault I knock stuff over. 35
Sad 5 Lucy says I still got a lot of growing to do. 36
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 No! I'm not supposed to go outside with strangers! Help! 37


I have to go now.
Bye-bye, Bumble. Neutral 50 Bye-bye, Vault Dweller! 38
Bye-bye, Bumble. Neutral 50 Bye-bye, Mungo! 39
Bye-bye, Bumble. Neutral 50 Bye-bye! 40
HELLO HELLO Disgust 50 I'm not supposed to talk to bad people. 41
HELLO Surprise 25 Excuse me, I've got a question. {quiet and polite} 42
HELLO Fear 25 Um, can I ask something? {Quiet and polite} 43
HELLO Fear 15 Excuse me. {'scuse me.} 44
HELLO Disgust 25 Are you talking to me? {obnoxious mean girl} 45
HELLO Disgust 50 Um. Yeah. Please go away. {obnoxious mean girl} 46
LLBumbleByeBye LLBumbleByeBye Happy 50 Bye-bye, mister! I'm off on an adventure! {Totally naive. This is the last thing the player ever hears from her.} 47
LLBumbleByeBye Happy 50 Bye-bye, nice lady! I'm off on an adventure! {Totally naive. This is the last thing the player ever hears from her.} 48
LLBumbleJokeLaugh LLBumbleJokeLaugh Happy 50 Ha ha ha! {Innocent little laughter at a joke she finds funny, even if she doesn't really get it.} 49
LLBumbleJokeLaugh Happy 50 You're funny, Knock Knock! {Innocent little laughter at a joke she finds funny, even if she doesn't really get it.} 50
LLBumbleJokeLaugh Happy 50 Ha ha... I don't get it. {Innocent little laughter at a joke she finds funny, even if she doesn't really get it.} 51
LLBumbleStopFollowing LLBumbleStopFollowing Happy 50 I don't like the outside! I'm going home! {A little scared, a little defiant.} 52
LLClassConv1 LLClassConv1 Happy 25 Uncle Joseph, could you explain more about the outside? 53
LLClassConv1 Fear 25 Uncle Joseph, I still don't understand what outside's like. Can you explain more? 54
LLClassConv5 LLClassConv5 Happy 50 Yes, sir! 55
LLClassConv5 Fear 10 I think so! 56
LLFoodConv1 LLFoodConv1 Happy 50 Food, please! 57
LLPrincessBullyResponse LLPrincessBullyResponse Fear 15 Sorry, Miss Princess. Please don't get angry at me, okay? {scared and on the verge of crying} 58
LLRandomConv1 LLConversation1 Fear 15 Hello. How are you? 59
LLRandomConv2 LLConversation2 Fear 15 I'm fine, thanks! 60
LLRandomConvEnding LLRandomConvEnding Neutral 15 Oh, okay. Umm, bye! 61
LLSlaverBumble1 LLSlaverBumble1 Happy 50 Thank you, miss! We're going on an adventure! {Naive and unaware} 62
LLSlaverBumble1C LLSlaverBumble1C Happy 50 Oh boy! Let's go now! Can we please? {Naive and unaware} 63
LLSlaverBumble3 LLSlaverBumble3 Surprise 10 Ow, it's all scratchy! 64
LLSlaverBumble5 LLSlaverBumble5 Happy 50 Well... Okay. I can't wait to tell Lucy about this adventure! 65
LLWhatsUp1 LLWhatsUp1 Fear 15 Hello. What's happening? 66
LLWhatsUp2 LLWhatsUp2 Fear 15 I got a new tooth today! It was just lying there and now it's mine! {Excited and innocent} 67