Bullhead City is a city south of New Vegas along the Colorado River in Arizona.


Bullhead City was once overrun with tribes after the Great War. In 2270, the New California Republic Army showed up in the city to occupy the Mojave area in what is called the "Pacification of the Mojave". Led by General Aaron Kimball, the New California Republic destroyed all the tribes in the Bullhead City area, taking Bullhead under NCR control.[1] At some point after the First Battle of Hoover Dam, the NCR were forced out of the city, as by the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas Caesar's Legion controls all land east of the Colorado.


Bullhead City is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bullhead City is based on the real world location of Bullhead City, Arizona.


  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p. 458

    "2270: The extirpation of tribals in the area of present-day Bullhead City is complete. 'The Pacification of the Mojave,' as it comes to be known, makes General Aaron Kimball a national hero."

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