Gametitle-FO4 CW
Gametitle-FO4 CW

The builder is a constructible piece of manufacturing equipment added in the Fallout 4 add-on Contraptions Workshop.


The builder is used to create various junk items from scrapped items and components stored in the machine's inventory. The machine requires 8 power to operate.

Production parameters may be changed using a connected terminal. Conveyor belts and other machinery can be attached to the front and rear of the machine.


Gears (3)
Rubber (4)
Steel (10)
Icon range
Icon level
Builder (1)

Junk productionEdit

Name Components
Bowling pin
Giddyup Buttercup
Jangles the Moon Monkey
Plastic pumpkin
Steel ball
Teddy bear
Toy alien
Toy rocketship
Toy truck
Vault-Tec lunchbox

Notes Edit

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