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Buffout is a drug appearing across the Fallout series.


Fo4 Buffout Label

Buffout is a brand of highly advanced steroids that increase strength, reflexes, and endurance. Although highly addictive,[1] it was a popular choice among pre-War athletes.[2] Their clandestine - and illicit - use of the drug made its use by amateurs popular and widespread.[Non-game 1][2] With it, they could run longer and work out harder without the burden of "unnecessary" training.[3] The popularity of the drug resulted in a number of hybridized variants, including Bufftats (mixed with Mentats) and Psychobuff (military modification, combined with Psycho).[4] It was sold before the war in bottles of 50 tablets each.[5]

Its popularity persists well after the nuclear holocaust, due to its properties. The increase in strength allows a wastelander to punch through several wooden boards with ease and pummel opponents into submission.[6] As such, it's typically banned in places like Vault City[7] or entertainment venues. For example, casino and bar patrons in New Reno were banned from indulging in Buffout.[8]

Despite being an addictive steroid, with proper use, Buffout can easily treat rickets in children.[9]


Original Buffout[]

Chem Buffout

"The Original" drug increases strength, reflexes, and raises the maximum health, with the disadvantage of being highly addictive.


Gameplay article: Fallout 4

Introduced in Fallout 4, this variant is made in a chemistry station and is a combination of Buffout and Jet. Slows time for 15 seconds in addition to the usual Buffout effects.


Gameplay articles: Fallout 4, Fallout 76

Another Buffout variant introduced in Fallout 4. Made in a chemistry station using Psycho and Buffout. Grants +25% damage dealt, +3 Strength, and +3 Endurance.


Gameplay articles: Fallout 4, Fallout 76

Another Buffout variant introduced in Fallout 4, this variant is made in a chemistry station using Buffout and Mentats. Grants +3 Strength, +3 Endurance, +65 HP, and +3 Perception.

Behind the scenes[]

Eric states that Buffout will cause the player character's mind to suffer when taken, but this functionality is not actually present in the game.[10]



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