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Buena Vista is a location in Fallout Tactics, which can be reached from Bunker Epsilon.


Buena Vista was a pre-War city in Colorado. Around 2198, Brotherhood of Steel reconnaissance had found an operating nuclear reactor located on the outskirts of the town. The reactor was supplying a vast majority of the power for the Calculator's robot army, as well as powering the nearby robot factories.

Two squads, one under the command of Paladin Lancelot and another being led by the Warrior were sent here to destroy the reactor, manufacturing plant, and as many robots as possible. However, when Lancelot and his squad, consisting of Ricardo, Wanda, Percy and several others, attacked the main gate, they were confronted by a group of robots and all were killed, except for Percy, who managed to get past the robots and, heavily wounded, hid in a nearby room.

When the Warrior's squad infiltrated the main gate, they found him dying. While researching local terminals, the Warrior revealed that what they all had thought to be aggression on the part of the Calculator, was instead considered to be a "pacification protocol" and that the Hellion, a powerful aircraft which could be used by the Calculator, was located here in a nearly finished condition.

Soon, they completed their goals and the Calculator lost both its reactor and manufacturing plant, as well as many robots in the area. Hellion remained in the facility, never to be finished.

Related missions

  • Buena Vista (mission): The mission in Buena Vista was to infiltrate a robot manufacturing facility and destroy its power nodes as well as a nuclear reactor powering nearby factories.


Buena Vista appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenes

Buena Vista translates as "good view" in Spanish.