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Most people think scale means increasing global market share. That's thinking in three dimensions, and I'm talking about four. Because what is the ultimate weapon to destroy your competition? It's not outselling them. It's not outsmarting them. It's time.— Bud explains his ideology

Bud Askins is a senior junior vice president of the Vault-Tec Corporation and the overseer of Vault 31 in the Fallout TV series.


The archetypal Vault-Tec executive, Askins is corrupt, sleazy, single-minded in his devotion to the corporation, and likes vanity license plates (JST ASKIN).[2] Before coming over to Vault-Tec to oversee operations in Southern California, he spent a decade working at West Tek as part of their product management team. He oversaw the initial rollout of the T-45 power armor in 2067, ignoring design flaws in favor of pushing out the product as fast as possible. While he joked that at least they looked great, he also completely ignored that these flaws had resulted in numerous American soldiers being killed. After leaving West Tek, he switched from Product Management to Human Resources research at Vault-Tec, pursuing what he called "workflow optimization of management timelines," based on the principle of destroying the competition by outlasting them.[3]

Bud's competence was unquestionable; his social skills very much were, as he routinely failed to identify social cues, such as boasting about the T-45 to Cooper Howard, a veteran who witnessed the power armor fail and kill his comrades in arms. Undeterred, he consistently tried to buddy up with Howard, despite the actor detesting him.[4] He also continued to work with Howard's wife, implementing the Societal Preservation Program, or rather, its subversion: the grand Vault experiments. While Barb told her husband that she was only reluctantly working with Askins,[2] in reality, she was one of the main architects of the experiment. Under her supervision, Askins would design the Three Vaults of Santa Monica, 31, 32 and 33, as an extension of his Bud's Buds executive training program.[5] Reasoning that trying to save a failed nation was a doomed prospect, Askins outlined a plan to keep Vault-Tec alive using the network of Vaults for an eugenics program; this program involved mixing graduates of Bud's Buds, kept in cryonic suspension at Vault 31,[6] with the dwellers of two other Vaults acting as breeding pools for his "Buds" to create a class of super managers to inherit the wasteland after the inevitable Great War.[7]

Bud would become the overseer of Vault 31 (and secretly the mastermind behind the events in all three Vaults), implementing the project over the next hundreds of years by having his brain extracted and placed in a robotic shell. Rather than a Robobrain, he elected for a small, rechargeable platform described as a "brain-in-a-Roomba."[5]

Fallout TV series[]

The Trap[]

The Trap Cooper at wrap party

Bud and the Hawthornes attend the wrap party

Bud Askins is introduced in the sixth episode, during the filming of the promotional video for Vault 4, awkwardly introducing himself to Cooper Howard. After failing to make a good first impression, he tries his elevator pitch ("The future of humanity is Management"), but is interrupted by Barb, who snatches Howard away. Askins is later seen at the wrap party, trying to attract the attention of Cooper, but fails to do so.

The Beginning[]

Bud Askins robobrain

Bud Askins as a robobrain in 2296

Askins appears for the first time in the post-War era, after Norm infiltrated Vault 31 after tricking Askins into opening the door. Askins' robot chassis got stuck behind some boxes and Norm frees him. After an initial scan, Askins realizes that Norm is only half-Hank and tries to sedate Norm, who easily evades the chassis' built-in syringe by simply stepping back. Powerless to stop him, Askins reveals the grand plan to Norm, before sealing the cryonic chamber and forcing Norm to choose between slow death by starvation or climbing into one of the cryopods to enter suspension, like his father.


Bud Askins is a visionary with a unique mindset. He believes that the ultimate weapon of mass destruction in the world is time, and using that mindset, they can beat all competition that stands in the way of Vault-Tec. He strongly believes in management and its key role in the future of humanity. Bud is also known for his overwhelming personality, which Cooper, another character from the show, experiences when he meets Bud for the first time.


Bud Askins appears in the Fallout TV series episodes "The Trap" and "The Beginning," as well as in the Vault Seller's Survival Guide. His voice can also be heard in "The Ghouls", in a fragment of Vault Seller's Survival Guide episode "Bud's Buds!" playing in Vault 32.

FO3 concept Vault robobrain

Behind the scenes[]

Bud's "roomba" design evokes a concept illustration of a Vault maintenance Robobrain unit by Adam Adamowicz.



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