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Finish off the deceased tourist's bucket list of photographic souvenirs.

Bucket List is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough[]

Side Quest: Bucket List 
Craft the ProSnap Deluxe camera at a tinker's workbench or weapons workbench
Take a picture of the Berkeley Springs Castle. 
Take a picture of the cabin at the Dolly Sods Campground
Take a picture of the Freddy Fear's House of Scares storefront. 
Take a picture of the Harpers Ferry Armory courtyard. 
Take a picture of the Pumpkin House
Take a picture of the Red Rocket Mega Stop sign. 
Take a picture of the Valley Galleria skylight. 
Reward: Plan: Postcard collage poster, Plan: ProSnap Deluxe 105mm lens, Photoframes - Camera, a random legendary item, caps and XP 

Detailed walkthrough[]

This quest can be started by finding the bodies of either Ansel Abrahms or Anne Litzinger at various tourist spots in Appalachia. Check My personal terminal and find the suspicious person(s) to find the tourist. The two tourists have different stories, but ultimately have the same bucket list of places to photograph, the main objective of the quest.

Once the broken ProSnap Deluxe camera is retrieved from their corpse, it can be used to craft the ProSnap Deluxe camera at a tinker's workbench or weapons workbench. After being created, twenty rolls of camera film will be awarded to get a head start on the photography.

The following locations must be visited and the ProSnap Deluxe camera must take a photo of the target there:

Once the seventh photo is taken correctly, the quest will complete. This quest is also mandatory for The Order of the Tadpole as the camera is necessary to take photos of various animals, resource deposits, locations, and other items, for some of the challenges to attain the Tadpole and Possum badges. Moreover, taking pictures of various creatures is a frequent part of Fallout 76 seasons daily scoreboard challenges.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Craft a Camera at a Weapons Workbench
? Craft a Camera at a Tinker's Workbench
? Complete the Tourist's Bucket List (#/7)I found the corpse of a tourist who was never able to complete their bucket list. If I repair the tourist's camera, I could live out their last wishes and complete the list myself.
? Photograph the Harpers Ferry Armory courtyardNow that I've repaired the tourist's SnapMatic! Camera, I should visit each location listed on their bucket list and take a photograph.
? Photograph the Freddy Fear's storefront
? Photograph the Red Rocket sign
? Photograph the Pumpkin House
? Photograph the Dolly Sods cabin
? Photograph the Valley Galleria skylight
?Quest finishedPhotograph the Berkeley Springs Castle


PCPC Taking pictures while wearing power armor may not further progress in the quest.[verified]