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For an overview of bubblegum, see Bubblegum.

Bubblegum is a consumable item in Fallout 76. In addition to being found in the world, different flavors can be found in every perk card pack.


It is a simple package of Big Pops branded bubblegum.


Different flavors of bubblegum with different additional effects are received in perk card packs.

Name Stat Buff
Cola perk bubblegum -5% rad ingestion 5% slower hunger and thirst for 2m
Grape perk bubblegum +5 Disease resistance 5% slower hunger and thirst for 2m
Strawberry perk bubblegum +1 Damage Resistance 5% slower hunger and thirst for 2m
Watermelon perk bubblegum +42 Action Points 5% slower hunger and thirst for 2m


  • Up to five can spawn at Tyler County fairgrounds, in the baskets on the back table in the Trick or Treat building (the shed on the western outskirts of the fairgrounds).
  • One to four can spawn on and around a table at the bottom of the stairs near the front door, inside of Morgantown High School.
    • One can also spawn in the men's shower room, on the ground.
  • Up to four can spawn in the cauldron on the porch of Pumpkin House, with another spawn possible on a table inside the house on the ground floor.
  • Two always spawn in the cubby just inside the door of the Hardware Store in Clarksburg.
  • Two can spawn at Camp McClintock, one on the shelf near the overseer's cache, and one on the upper left shelf of the lockers in the main room.
  • Two can spawn inside Morgantown Airport; one in a locker along the southwestern wall of the locker room downstairs and one near the console in the Responder Command Post on the upper level.
  • One can be found at Camp Venture, inside the command center on a table, to the left of the letter to Tommy.
  • Two can spawn at Fort Defiance:
    • On the first floor, in the mess hall near the entrance, to the left of a coffee machine on a wooden table.
    • On the fourth floor, on a metal shelf in the kitchen, on the second row, to the left.
  • One can be found in a dispensary at the gift shop at the Giant Teapot.
  • One can spawn in the Eat-o-Tronic in the central building at New River Gorge Resort.
  • One can spawn behind the counter at the Red Rocket in Flatwoods.
  • One can spawn on top of a crate in one of the houses of Flatwoods where Miguel Caldera's holotape can be found.
  • One can spawn on the meeting house in Flatwoods, on the "remember them" desk.
  • One can spawn on the electrical machines right inside the entrance of the Burrows south.
  • One can spawn inside Sunnytop Ski Lanes on top of a cabinet near the couches and fireplace by the front door.
  • One can spawn at Camden Park on the seat of a bus in the parking lot.
  • One can spawn at Point Pleasant, inside the Mothman Museum, behind a chair inside the basement's side room.
  • One can spawn in the cooler, in the trailer at Dent & Sons Construction.
  • One can spawn at Abandoned mine shaft Elaine, inside an Eat-o-Tronic in the kitchen work shack outside the mine.
  • One can spawn at Watoga Shopping Plaza, on a small round table inside the Slocum's Joe, on top of the middle table of four.
  • One can spawn at Watoga Transit Hub, inside the building, on the ground to the left of a sleeping bag.
  • One can spawn at WV Lumber Co., on the roof's second to highest scaffolding, near a suspended pick-up truck, on a crate in the top left corner.
  • One can spawn at Haven Church, on a metal shelf in the storage room, on the middle row.
  • One can spawn at Morgantown, at the street camp, on top of a wooden shelf inside the large tent, on the right.
  • One can spawn at Knife Edge, on a small table at the top of the main lookout tower.
  • Sometimes found in lunch pails.


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