Bryce Garrahan was the presumptive heir of Garrahan Mining in Appalachia, and the fiancé of Penny Hornwright.[1]


Bryce was a member of the Garrahan family and a high-ranking member of Garrahan Mining, making him a promising candidate for heir. As the operations manager, Bryce was responsible for approving actions taken my various departments of Garrahan Mining. He was less extreme than his brother Bill, refusing to install means of lethal force for use against saboteurs.[2] He was also willing to negotiate with miners even after riots were held against the company.[3] Bryce begins to fall apart after Bill opened fire on protesting miners with a minigun.[4] Along with the company struggling to compete against Hornwright Industrial's automation, he was pushed near the point of resignation.[5] Bryce was also in a secretive relationship with Penelope Hornwright,[6] the presumptive heir of the Hornwright estate.


Bryce Garrahan is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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