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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bruiser.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
18 0055B1A7 0057CF6A What, you new around here? Yeah, I got work to do.
19 0057CF6B Surprise! I'm not one for fancy talkin'.
20 0057CF6C I let my fists do the talkin'.
21 0057CF6D Only thing better than a short conversation is no conversation.
23 0057CE7A 0057CEF6 You really think you're funny, huh? If you don't stop insulting me I'm going to punt you across the river.
24 0057CE7C 0057CF1B A game? No. I was a mighty combatant. That sounds like the lousiest game I've ever heard of. I bet those Foundation wimps play it. Weaklings.
25 0057CE7E 0057CEFE You got that right. Don't fight enough these days though. We used to have battles every week against a new army. There was a fuckin' battle bear too.
26 0057CE80 0057CF25 I wore heavy armor... and a band played war music... with drums and great, powerful horns. Oh, and beautiful girls! There were beautiful girls doing acrobatics.
27 0057CE81 0057CF06 No one, 'cause I do the hurtin' around here. Look, you keep asking me stupid questions and you're gonna find out all about it.
28 0057CE83 0057CF37 You're kidding? Wait... you're seriously not kidding? Just keep the chit chat to a minimum.
29 0057CE85 0057CF0C I didn't realize this was 20 questions with Bruiser. Look, keep it quick or I will.
30 0057CE87 0057CF3F Why am I not surprised?
31 0057CE89 0057CF13 Football? What's that?
32 0057CE8B 0057CEF4 Those were great times. I had a team too. Real comrades. We marched into battle together to crush our enemies. There must have been seventy of us.
33 0057CE8D 0057CF18 Good. Bye.
34 0057CE8F 0057CEFB I don't remember much, but I was a mighty warrior that fought in an arena. Hundreds of people came to watch me from all over.
35 0057CE91 0057CF22 Oh yeah, the cute little squirrels and the pretty butterflies... oh oh, and the sounds of the bird song. It's just absolutely miserable. Do I look like I like it?
48 0057CEA3 0057CF49 Stay outta my way.
49 0057CF4A You lookin' at me? Not a good idea.
57 0057CF55 I like to punch things, 'specially faces.
98 0057CEE5 0057CF28 Do you ever stop talking?
99 0057CEE7 0057CF09 I could count to 10 and punch you in the face if you'd like.
100 0057CEE9 0057CF3A Jokes. Yeah, jokes are funny. Real funny until I push you off the dock.