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Bruce Isaac's room is the residence of Bruce Isaac in Novac's Dino Dee-lite Motel.


The layout of Bruce's room is similar to the layout of the other motel rooms. It has a bed, a bathroom with a first aid kit, a couch, tables, and an empty wardrobe. Above the bed, a poster advertising the Museum of Technology can be seen, and a poster for Radiation King hangs in the hallway by the bathroom.

There is evidence of a project underway in the motel room. A motorcycle is propped up against the entryway wall, next to a toolbox containing a bottle of turpentine and some scrap metal. There is a workspace area on the floor at the foot of the bed, comprised of a motorcycle gas tank, several books, a motorcycle handbrake, notes, tin cans, and reading glasses. A tire iron and another bottle of turpentine are also found in the area. On the table in front of the couch, a conductor and a sensor module can be found.

Bruce can be found inside of his room, out on the balcony, or wandering around below. When he is spending time in his motel room, he will sit at the table, eat, drink, sleep, and walk around. Bruce does not mind the Courier entering his room and can be spoken to. If not actively in dialogue, he will comment on Nelson and how the town will serve as an example of how "we'll bleed the ground red with anyone who opposes our peace-efforts."

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All items in the room are marked to owned and taking them will be considered theft, but the bed can be freely used by the Courier.


Bruce Isaac's room appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.