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This is a transcript for dialogue with Brotherhood vendor.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 0038AC0D 003338D5 Emergency Brotherhood of Steel supplies available.
3 003338D6 Mobile Resupply Depot is... operational.
4 003338D7 Supplies available for certified users.
5 003338D8 Searching for Brothers to resupply.
6 003338D9 Fully stocked and awaiting you.
7 003338DA Senior Knight Wilson requires payment for all purchases.
8 003338DB Vendor Algorithim online. Ready to serve.
9 003338DC Brotherhood Vending services available to all Brothers in the field.
10 003338DD Maintaining proper supplies if a Brother's duty.
11 003338DE Many essential supplies available now.
12 003338DF The Bog is dangerous. Resupply here.
13 003338E0 The Brotherhood expects each member to maintain adequate supplies.
14 003338E1 Resupply here.
15 003338E2 Vendor Algorithm engaged.
16 003338E3 Entity identified: Human. Potential Brotherhood customer/solider.
17 003338E4 All former military personnel contact the Brotherhood of Steel. We need you!