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The Brotherhood special ops suit and Brotherhood special ops mask are an apparel set in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update.


The Brotherhood special ops suit is made up of urban camouflage fatigues with a black HRM style tactical vest worn over the chest. A communications device is stowed in one of the vest pockets. Various pockets are added on the belt and on the legs. A pair of pliers are strapped to the right shoulder, and a Brotherhood of Steel logo is displayed on the left. An ammo belt is fitted around the waist, with several shotgun shells attached to it.

The corresponding mask consists of a gas mask covered with a hood in urban camouflage, with a PRO-Matic hearing protection headset over it. Unlike most headwear items, the mask cannot be placed into a display case.


This item cannot be crafted. It is only obtainable via Daily Ops.


Avail Image Name
Daily Ops FO76 outfit specops bos Brotherhood special ops suit
Daily Ops FO76 headwear specops bos Brotherhood special ops mask
Fallout 1st FO76 outfit specops grey Brotherhood tactical ops suit
Fallout 1st FO76 headwear specops grey Brotherhood tactical ops mask


The suit and mask can only be obtained by level 50+ players as a reward for successfully completing a Daily Op. The individual drop chances are based on the completion time tiers and are as follows:

  • Initiate: 0.22%
  • Paladin: 0.44%
  • Elder: 3.56%


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The Brotherhood special ops mask will move the Pip-Boy light behind the player model, reducing the range of the light.[patched]