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For Guldo's warriors in Coldwater, see Guldo's thief.
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Brotherhood soldiers (named as warriors in game) are characters living in the Midwest in 2197.


These soldiers are sent by the Brotherhood of Steel to complete a task. However, some of them failed and have died, while others have performed guard duty in the bunkers.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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Other interactionsEdit

The soldiers inside the bunker will greet the player character and make comments on the new recruits through the regions (tribals, ghouls, etc.).




Apparel Weapon Other items
Environmental armor
Leather armor
1-4 stimpaks
7.62mm x6
Trauma pack
30-33 9mm ball

St. LouisEdit

Buena VistaEdit


Two beastlords in Mardin, around the Matriach's cage and near Daarr's throne, are named as "Warrior."

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Do you think he'll trade that bracelet for something shiny?"
  • "I hope that is not a big toe on the floor."
  • "Maybe, you'll think of me..."
  • "Try a can opener against the robots."
  • "Quite the track record, Brother. Most impressive."


These Brotherhood soldiers appear in Fallout Tactics.


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