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The Brotherhood officer suit is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


A one-piece, tight-fitting black suit worn by members of the Brotherhood of Steel. It shares a similar, albeit darker, appearance with the Brotherhood knight suit, indicating the wearer's status as an officer.


Cloth (6)
Steel (2)
Icon range
Icon level
Brotherhood officer suit (1)


Mod DR Icon shield silver ER Icon electrical RR Icon radiation Effect Description Weight Req Rank Resources Value Base ID
Standard lining 0 0 0 Standard. 1.1 None Ballistic fiber x2
Nuclear material x3
33 ????????
Treated lining 6 4 2 Strength +1, Endurance +1 Improves Strength and Endurance. 1.2 None Ballistic fiber x4
Nuclear material x6
39 ????????
Resistant lining 8 6 3 Strength +1, Endurance +2 Improves Strength and Endurance. 1.3 None Ballistic fiber x7
Nuclear material x9
45 ????????
Protective lining 10 8 4 Strength +2, Endurance +2 Improves Strength and Endurance. 1.35 None Ballistic fiber x9
Nuclear material x12
Pure violet flux x2
54 ????????
Shielded lining 13 9 5 Strength +2, Endurance +3 Improves Strength and Endurance. 1.4 None Ballistic fiber x11
Nuclear material x15
Pure violet flux x4
66 ????????


While the suit itself cannot be found, the plan may be found inside an orange train car east of the NAR repair yard or inside Fort Defiance's fourth floor, on the yellow diagnostics cart in the room with workbenches. The plan spawn is also shared with the plans for the BOS soldier suit, BOS knight suit, marine wetsuit, marine tactical helmet, and marine armor pieces.[verified]

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