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The Brotherhood of Zeal,[1] also referred to as the Brotherhood Bandits,[2] is a randomly-encountered group of bandits seeking to impersonate the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia.


Impersonating the newly arrived Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force, the bandits attempt to rob travelers of their bottle caps under the guise of donations, with the specific amount depending on the leader of the Bandits at the time. Their reasoning for the donations also varies. Barnaby and Buck will present their group as the "Brotherhood of Steel," asking for a 50 caps donation. On the other hand, Barry will present themselves as the "Brotherhood of Zeal" while also mistakenly asking for 5 caps instead of 50.

Interactions with the player character

  • If the player agrees to contribute to their cause, they will lose between 5 to 50 caps depending on which bandit is the leader at the time.
  • Paying the donation leads to the leader expressing glee or surprise at the act, then bidding the donor goodbye.


  • Questioning the origin of the group with Barnaby as the leader leads to him replying that the group is with the 82nd Mountain Division.[3]
  • If turned hostile, the bandits run away instead of fighting back despite carrying weapons.
  • The bandits may have been the group that robbed Shawn Hockman.[4]


  1. Brotherhood Barry: "We are the Brotherhood of Zeal! We require a donation of 5 caps to further our immoral clause."
    (Brotherhood Barry's dialogue)
  2. In the game's files, the quest name for each variant of the random encounter starts with "Brotherhood Bandits."
  3. Vault Dweller: "What division are you guys with?"
    Brotherhood Barnaby: "The, uh... 82nd Mountain Division. Super elite and exclusive. Don't mess with us."
    (Brotherhood Barnaby's dialogue)
  4. Vault Dweller: "Tell me what the problem is."
    Shawn Hockman: "The problem is that a couple of these Brotherhood clowns showed up and took a bunch of my stuff at gunpoint. I'm a peaceful man, I really am. Sure wasn't equipped to deal with armed thugs 'requisitioning' the little I've managed to put together for myself. Never understood the Raiders. I like the quiet life, I don't need much, and I need trouble less. But after this, I get it. At least they don't pretend to be the good guys."
    (Shawn Hockman's dialogue)