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This page is about a generic character in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. For the rank, see Initiate (rank).
All of 'em became Initiates. Most of them went on to become Brothers. A lot fell in action. I'm the only survivor of The Scourge of The Pitt still stationed at the Citadel.Kodiak, about what happened to the Pitt kids

Brotherhood of Steel initiates are new recruits of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2277.


Initiates are considered to be in training, although they can be assigned to combat duty if they are considered good enough. They are typically seen wearing recon armor while training in the Citadel and combat armor while training in the field.

Unlike in the other Brotherhood divisions, initiates may even be issued power armor if their assignment merits it. Power armor is issued to all initiates assigned to non-training combat duty, such as Initiate Reddin and Initiate Jennings of the Lyons' Pride, the initiates assigned to mirelurk-clearing duty near Project Purity in Broken Steel, and any initiates assigned as Water Caravan guards.


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These Brotherhood of Steel initiates appear in Fallout 3.

These Brotherhood steel initiates appear in Fallout: New Vegas.

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