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Brotherhood of Steel holotags are a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.


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Name tags used by the United States Armed Forces and the Brotherhood of Steel. Some variants include information such as the soldier's full name, signature, identification number, blood type, security clearance, expiration date, base of operations, and a slogan You think you can take me? You go right ahead printed below a barcode. Others contain name and address only.[1]


Every member of the Brotherhood of Steel wear a set of two holotags around their neck. They contain essential personal and medical information about the wearer.


  • The inhabitants of the Citadel wear the item and they can be looted from their corpses. In doing so, this can garner dozens of holotags, particularly with the Broken Steel add-on. Scribe Jameson, along with the rest of the faction in the Citadel A ring, will not turn hostile if their comrades are killed in different sections (e.g. courtyard, lab, B ring) if they do not witness it.
  • In the Citadel A ring there is one in the den on the small desk just before the room with the beds.
  • Taft Tunnel, on the Citadel end, has a living Brotherhood paladin with one that can be looted when they are killed.
  • Citadel exterior, the unnamed Brotherhood members high on the catwalks using the sniper nests (due south of the Citadel gates) may be killed as well (the unnamed member outside near the sentry bot only gets knocked unconscious). They are not guaranteed to always fall with a possibility to loot them. They may also be killed by super mutant overlords (if Broken Steel is installed) or lesser super mutants without Broken Steel. These skirmishes may be missed due to distance.
    • The sniper nest/catwalk Brotherhood members will respawn when the super mutants do, making them an unlimited source of the tags and Brotherhood power armor.
  • The Mall has three, including one in the bunker, one laying over a sandbag wall outside the entrance to the bunker, and one laying over a raised metal redoubt on the edge of the area. More either respawn or are found already dead in the trenches near the bunker entrance.
  • Falls Church is another location that usually has one or two. Upon reaching the location, there will be a big fight going on between the Brotherhood of Steel members and super mutants. They will not be able to kill all of the enemies. Every corpse of a Brotherhood member will have a holotag.
  • In the Olney sewers there is a holotag on the dead Brotherhood initiate with the prototype medic power armor.
  • In Arlington Library several paladins will attempt to clear the library of raiders upon arrival. If any fall, their tags can be collected.
  • Galaxy News Radio is the site of two fights between several Brotherhood of Steel soldiers and super mutants. A few soldiers will likely fall in the battle.
  • Jefferson Memorial is often a site of fighting between Brotherhood of Steel soldiers and an Enclave sentry bot and an Enclave soldier if Broken Steel is installed. A few soldiers may die by the time they eliminate the threat, allowing the looting of the dead soldiers' holotags.
  • Many can be found on corpses of fallen Brotherhood of Steel members who are attacking the crawler at Adams Air Force Base.

Related quest

  • Collecting Holotags: In Fallout 3, holotags recovered from fallen Brotherhood members can be turned in to Scribe Jameson at the Citadel (A-Ring archives) in exchange for 100 caps and 25 XP each, but only before embarking on the Take it Back! quest. With Broken Steel, this can be continued beyond that quest. Jameson also talks about offering technology from time to time in return but never gives any.



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