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Our orders were, and are, to acquire any and all advanced technology. And we have, to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, my superiors back west disagree with my assessment of the situation. They feel I've grown too "attached" to the local populace.Owyn Lyons

Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel, the Capital Wasteland detachment, or D.C. bunker[2] was a chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel in Washington D.C.[3][4]

The group's headquarters was located in the Citadel, led by Elder Owyn Lyons. For most of its history, it was led by Elder Owyn Lyons, in accordance with his own Lyons Doctrine.[5]

After the reunification with the Brotherhood Outcasts under Arthur Maxson's leadership, the chapter became the Eastern Division of the Brotherhood.

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In 2254[6] the Brotherhood's ruling council, based in the Lost Hills bunker in Southern California, decided to send a contingent to the East Coast, with one primary objective: recover any and all advanced technology from East Coast cities and bases.[7][8][9] The contingent was placed under the command of Paladin Owyn Lyons, accompanied by technological adviser Scribe Reginald Rothchild, who was privately Owyn's friend, as well as several veteran members of the Brotherhood, including Paladins Henry Casdin, Ishmael Ashur and Tristan.

Scourging the Pitt

Main article: Scourge

On their way to the Capital Wasteland, the Brotherhood's expeditionary force came across the ruins of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a single night, the Brotherhood swept through the city from their staging area at Mount Wash, and eliminated any resident who put up a fight. The intent of the Scourge remains unclear, but many in the Brotherhood note that it was a marked change in the way the Brotherhood operates. Additionally, it is known that something was recovered from The Pitt during the Scourge, although to date it would seem that only Elder Lyons knows what it was.[Non-game 1] Lyons' contingent left the city with about twenty children in tow, who would later be initiated into the Brotherhood.[10] Most were recruited into the Brotherhood. By 2277 only one remains stationed at the Citadel:[11] Greg Bear, codename Kodiak, stationed with Lyons' Pride.

During the Scourge Lyons' forces suffered only one casualty: Paladin Ishmael Ashur, was buried in rubble during the fighting and presumed dead. However, Ashur survived and established firm control of The Pitt, transforming it into an industrial powerhouse, supported by Brotherhood technological know-how. At the same time, he abandoned the Brotherhood and its teachings, recognizing the inherent failure of the unsustainable, scavenger nature of the Brotherhood's ways.[Non-game 1]


Lyons' group finally arrived in the Capital Wasteland in 2255, establishing a base of operations within the Pentagon in the first few months.[12] Though the Pentagon was largely destroyed, its sub-levels remained, for the most part, intact and its surviving stockpiles contained undisturbed pre-War technology and weaponry to sustain their operations. The crown jewel though was Liberty Prime,[8] a technological marvel that, if restored, could help the Brotherhood of Steel rebuild a strength and reputation that had been declining steadily for years.

The discovery of Liberty Prime earned Paladin Lyons a battlefield promotion to Elder, and a new directive from his superiors in Southern California – to establish a new, permanent Brotherhood base in the Capital Wasteland, and continue the search for any other advanced technology hidden in the former capital city’s ruins.

The Citadel

Shortly after their arrival, Lyons' scouts have identified a new threat in the area: a peculiar breed of super mutants, infesting the deserted ruins of downtown D.C. Concerned by their presence and convinced that they are the primary threat to the Wasteland, Lyons initiated a protracted campaign of aggression to eradicate them.[13] At the same time, they lent assistance to James and Catherine, a pair of scientists attempting to build a mass-scale purifier, intending to supply the wasteland with a virtually inexhaustible source of fresh, purified water, reducing their dependence on local purification methods. Ultimately, Project Purity failed to take off, despite the Brotherhood's involvement. Frustrated, Lyons withdrew his forces, leaving the Project to fend for itself. Project Purity died shortly after, together with Catherine, James' wife.[14] A more beneficial relationship was established years later, in 2272, with Three Dog who, in return for protection and tech support, gave the Brotherhood access to the Galaxy News Radio plaza and spoke well of the Brotherhood. From that point onward, it became a Brotherhood stronghold in the D.C. sea of ruins, doubling as a propaganda radio station for Lyons.[15]

But for the time being, too many questions remained: how had these local super mutants been created? Were they related to the super mutants of New California in the west? Why were they capturing the people of the Capital Wasteland? Where were they taking them?

Going Rogue

Finding these answers would ultimately become Owyn Lyons' obsession. The newly appointed Elder decided, in spite of evidence to the contrary, that the super mutants were a threat not just to the Brotherhood and their scouts in D.C., but all the people in the Wasteland.[8] Thus, he began to direct resources towards fighting the mutants, gradually reducing the importance of fulfilling the primary mission objective: recovering technology.[8]

With the conflict straining his resources, Lyons attempted to persuade the West Coast for several years to send reinforcements and supplies, claiming to be following the mission objectives, but in secret, he continued to order his subordinates to save people by killing super mutants. However, no lie can be sustained indefinitely. Things came to a head when Lyons outright refused to follow a direct order from the Elders. In response, the West Coast swiftly cut him loose, shutting off communications and denying any and all reinforcements. By 2277, communications between the Lyons' chapter and Lost Hills have completely ceased.[16]

The conflict with the Super Mutants dragged on for years, straining resources and manpower to the breaking point. Without the Brotherhood's support, the situation became progressively worse. However, Lyons' men continued to stick with him and follow his orders, primarily out of the doctrine of loyalty the Brotherhood taught them from birth.[17] This state of affairs would not last, culminating in what became the single most devastating blow to Lyons' chapter ability to wage war in its short history.

The Schism

Main articles: Brotherhood Outcasts, Schism

Under Lyons' command, segments of knights and paladins became dissatisfied with Lyons' focus on protecting the capital and its inhabitants from super mutants, seeing it as an ineffectual waste of men and resources that would ultimately destroy the Brotherhood. The situation gradually worsened, finally tipping in 2276,[18] when Elder Lyons ignored their repeated requests to recover tech from Fort Independence, a pre-War scientific military base.[19] Rallying behind Paladin Henry Casdin,[20] the dissenters abandoned Lyons' command and left the Citadel, taking a large part of its weapons and equipment stockpiles with them. Lyons lost more soldiers in that single moment than he did over the 23 years of fighting mutants.[21][22] The loss of men and materiel had a significant negative impact on the combat performance of Lyons' chapter, greatly reducing its ability to project their power throughout the Capital Wasteland.[20]

Under Casdin's command, the rogue scribes, knights and paladins seized Fort Independence, where they pushed back the indigenous raider groups and adapted the former military base for use as their main headquarters. Termed "Outcasts" by their angered former brothers and sisters, the renegade soldiers adopted the name as a badge of honor,[23] and painted their armor red and black to distinguish themselves from the organization in which they no longer believe. A year after the split, the Outcasts organized a system of regular patrols, scouring the wasteland for technology, and began to excavate several locations, including the Virtual Strategic Simulations facility, in order to complete the original mission objectives. Ultimately, they plan to regroup with loyalist chapters in the West, though presently, they are stuck protecting Fort Independence and their considerable stockpile of powerful technology.[24]

Turning point

Graffiti marking, used to denote outposts or waypoints

Lyons' Brotherhood began 2277 as a diminished, weakened force, suffering from a shortage of qualified combat personnel and severely depleted stocks of weapons and equipment. As a result, the Brotherhood had limited presence outside the Citadel, with only a handful of reinforced outposts scattered across the District of Columbia metropolitan area.[25][26][27][28][29]

Elder Lyons' charisma kept his people devoted to goals outlined by him, as did his daughter's personal combat unit, the Lyons' Pride. Sarah Lyons held the rank of Sentinel and was considered a skilled combatant, leading the best warriors Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel had to offer. The same was not true for other members of the organization: After losing a great number of his men due to the Schism, Lyons was forced to recruit new members from the local population and the results proved disappointing. The attrition rate was tremendous, primarily due to deploying freshly trained initiates into combat. Without proper training, many died rapidly, despite being issued military grade weapons and armor, up to and including T-45d powered armor.[30]

It is in this weakened state that the Brotherhood was forced to face the Enclave. The purifier they once abandoned has been reactivated by its former head researcher, James, with assistance from his child, known now only as the Lone Wanderer. The seizure of the purifier by the Enclave and arrival of Dr. Madison Li at the Citadel with information that the Purifier can be made functional, despite previous data to the contrary, forced Elder Lyons to make a decision. The Elder decided that having Enclave extremists in control of the wasteland could not be allowed.[31][32] To this end, he began to muster what little forces he had and gear them up for a campaign against the Enclave, while assigning the Lone Wanderer to retrieve the key to Project Purity: the Garden of Eden Creation Kit from Vault 87. Meanwhile, Madison Li and Scribe Rothchild set out to devise a way to make Liberty Prime operational.[33]

The Lone Wanderer's mission did not go as planned. The Enclave managed to infiltrate Vault 87 some time prior and captured the Lone Wanderer and the G.E.C.K.[33] However, due to President Eden and Colonel Autumn's disagreements, the Lone Wanderer escaped Raven Rock and regrouped with Lyons' forces at the Citadel. Despite having barely enough men to keep the Citadel defended,[34] Elder Lyons ordered the freshly activated, jury rigged[35] Liberty Prime to be deployed, covered by Lyons' Pride, in order to prevent the Enclave from activating the purifier.[36]


Unprepared for such an attack, the Enclave could not defeat Liberty Prime, especially as the Pride and the Lone Wanderer moved in behind him to mop up any survivors.[37] The spearhead carved a path through the perimeter around the purifier, including photonic resonance barriers, and finally, Sarah Lyons and the Lone Wanderer punched through the remaining defenders, reaching the control room. Upon inputting the access code, Project Purity was activated and immediately began purifying the tidal basin in D.C. However, the shock wave generated at the moment of activation threw both Sarah Lyons and the Lone Wanderer into a coma.[36]

The Lone Wanderer later awoke from their coma two weeks later in the Citadel's infirmary, and was inducted into the Brotherhood as a Knight, by Elder Lyons himself. The wasteland changed in the fourteen days that passed. The defeat at the purifier threw remaining Enclave forces into disarray, allowing the Pride and other Lyons units, supported by Liberty Prime, to destroy several key installations throughout the wastes, first and foremost being Raven Rock.[38] With it lost, Enclave remnants in the Capital Wasteland became disorganized and uncoordinated, making it easier for the still weak Brotherhood to openly attack and rout them, particularly with Prime's support.[39]

A second major change in the landscape was the appearance of water caravans. Elder Lyons made the decision to provide water to all major settlements in the wasteland, completely free of charge.[40] Elder Lyons' insistence on providing water for free has made finding resources and funding for the operation extremely hard. So hard in fact, that they forced Scribe Bigsley, the man in charge of the entire venture, to go against his orders and sell water, in order to actually be able to accomplish what he's been ordered to do.[41][42] Another problem was that bottling water had to be accomplished manually, as the Brotherhood is too preoccupied with reverse-engineering Enclave tech to devise a bottling machine.[43] The entire operation was also severely hampered by a general lack of resources and planning.[44][45]

But even with the Brotherhood slowly gaining the upper hand, the Enclave would prove hard to defeat. They lured Lyons and his men into a false sense of security, eventually drawing them to the satellite relay station to the west of the wasteland. There, Liberty Prime was completely destroyed by an orbital strike, at the cost of dozens of Enclave soldiers' lives.[46] This has turned the tide completely, as Lyons' forces lost the only real military advantage they had over the Enclave.[47][48] Even the encrypted data recovered from the ruins of the Rockland facility could not compensate.[49]

The destruction of Liberty Prime put the Brotherhood in a very difficult position, as it removed the only significant military advantage it had over the Enclave.[47] Lyons had little in the way of men and resources at the beginning of the conflict with the Enclave, and after the loss of Prime all of these problems surfaced, exacerbated by the ongoing water delivery program. With the resources pooled into defense against the Enclave, the newly inducted Knight, the Lone Wanderer, was ordered to infiltrate the Olney Powerworks to retrieve a Tesla coil.[50] The coil was a technological marvel necessary for Scribe Rothchild to begin manufacturing Tesla cannons, heavy duty pre-War energy weapons, to reduce the technological gap between the Brotherhood and the Enclave.[51]

The Lone Wanderer was successful in their mission, which allowed Rothchild and the scribes to begin assembling cannons after quickly reverse-engineering the Tesla coil. At this point, the Lone Wanderer became Lyons' most capable field operative and was tasked with an assignment of adequate importance: based on data recovered during the ill fated attack on the relay station, the Brotherhood identified a second base of operations used by the Enclave, in the ruins of the Adams Air Force Base. The Wanderer was given orders to infiltrate the base, alone, and destroy the headquarters of the Enclave, while the rest of the Brotherhood created a distraction to allow the Wanderer to slip in undetected.[52][46]

Again, with considerable effort, the Lone Wanderer managed to single handedly infiltrate Adams AFB and destroy the Enclave's mobile base crawler, effectively wiping out the remaining Enclave command structure, breaking its back in the East for the second time (and third in history).[53][54]

The Last Days

Following the conflict with the Enclave, the Brotherhood enjoyed a stable, but hardly unrivaled position. Suffering from severely depleted stockpiles and shortage of manpower at the beginning of the conflict,[25][26][27][28] casualties taken during the fight with the Enclave and the loss of their most important military asset, Liberty Prime, made the future uncertain. Occupied by its research into the Enclave technology and the amount of gear and weapons it recovered, the Brotherhood slowly regained strength as it slowly chipped away at the years-long process.[55][56] One of the greatest achievements of the Brotherhood of this time was starting the construction of the Prydwen, an armored airship greatly increasing the Brotherhood's ability to project power.[57]

The biggest setback suffered by the chapter was the death of Elder Owyn Lyons circa 2278 and the loss of his successor, Elder Sarah Lyons, later that same year. With the seat of power emptied, the remaining Brotherhood members elected multiple ineffectual leaders, while the adolescent Squire Arthur Maxson matured into a capable warrior and tactician, eventually securing a victory over Shepherd, the new warboss of the Capital Wasteland super mutants, in 2282. This feat earned him a provisional leadership position. In fact, this position was bestowed by West Coast Elders, who revealed that they still monitored their errant brethren.[1] Maxson's position solidified in 2283, when he negotiated a treaty with the Brotherhood Outcasts, bringing them back into the fold and reforming the entire organization, merging Lyons' Doctrine with salvageable elements of traditional doctrines. Lyons' Brotherhood became a distant memory as Maxson took the united Brotherhood forces into a new direction.[1] While some members found this distasteful and deserted,[58] many more remained, proud to serve a refocused Brotherhood.[59]

Major outposts and locations

The East Coast Brotherhood is a major military power boasting a significant amount of supplies, manpower, cutting-edge technology, and scientific research in all fields, enabling them to project power and influence all across the Eastern Seaboard. They hold many strongholds and bases throughout the wasteland, including the following:

The Citadel

The Citadel is the bastion of the East Coast Brotherhood. Built amidst the ruins of the Pentagon, the courtyard was reserved for the training of initiates, who were trained by Paladin Gunny. From there, one could go to the Citadel laboratory, where scribes tediously multitask between their duties to their order (The Sword, Shield, or Quill) and a special assignment by Head Scribe Rothchild; more specifically, Liberty Prime. Paladin Bael is in charge of security outside of the Citadel, while Knight Captain Colvin (via Sarah Lyons) is in charge of security on the inside. Surrounding the central area containing Liberty Prime are A-Ring and B-Ring. In A-Ring The Brotherhood's council chambers are located (known as the Great Hall), where they either plan for future operations or direct field units. There are two small passageways connected to the Great Hall, used for storage, and both storing food and miscellaneous items. The northernmost room is known as the "Lyons Den," which serves as the rest and resupply reserved only for members of the Lyons Pride. The southernmost room is reserved for the Order of the Quill and all historical records pertaining to the East Coast Brotherhood, the Maxson bloodline, vaults in the Capital Wasteland, and the pre-War Pentagon.

GNR Radio studio

In 2277, when Owyn Lyons was elder, the Brotherhood had a large presence at Galaxy News Radio, a news radio station in the middle of Washington D.C. It was tactically and strategically important as it was a defensible location in the middle of the ruins of D.C., as well as having a mutual relationship with the DJ of the studio, Three Dog.

Washington Memorial

Also in 2277, a small Brotherhood unit composed of five soldiers was stationed here to defend the memorial, which had GNR's satellite on top of it. Unfortunately, because of the chaos in this area (with slavers in the Lincoln Memorial, Talon Company, super mutants and the Enclave in a three-way battle to seize the Capitol building, and super mutants having a foothold in the National Archives and the numerous bunkers ironically established by the Brotherhood after making a push towards the Lincoln Memorial), casualties were high and the satellite dish often got knocked off, which resulted in the troops there simply using the same dish over and over again. After one such incident, the dish was irreparable, which resulted in a wild goose chase for another one.

Pennsylvania Avenue

The Brotherhood has a minor rest and resupply area near the nuked remains of the White House, making their home in an abandoned hotel, where they rarely sleep, due to the constant super mutant advances upon this location.

Arlington Library

The Brotherhood has a major presence at the Arlington Library (officially the Library of Congress), where, in 2277, Elder Lyons has Scribe Yearling searching for intact pre-War books to add to their collection. They are also trying to wipe out the raiders who have fortified themselves in the library and who have become an annoyance to the soldiers trying to salvage the library for books or anything of use.

Project Purity

FO3 Aqua Pura box.png
FO3 BOS Property.png

After the near-end of the war with the Enclave, the Brotherhood established a foothold in the scientific complex known as Project Purity, which was underneath the Jefferson Memorial. The Brotherhood employed Rivet City's Security Services to help them transport the water as well as protect the Project.

Adams Air Force Base

After the destruction of the Enclave's mobile base crawler, the Brotherhood set up a permanent base camp at Adams, attempting to gather what they could from the wreckage to construct the Prydwen. Arthur Maxson directed all resources to the construction of the Prydwen. After six years, the huge airship was constructed and served as a mobile command base for five years in the Capital Wasteland before setting off for the Commonwealth.


A squad of Paladins patrols the terrace in front of Pentagon's River Entrance facade

Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel is a rogue chapter of the Brotherhood, that has retained much of the customs of their parent organizations, with a few minor tweaks. As the original, it is essentially a techno-religious, pseudo-knightly military order, led by a single Elder, Owyn Lyons. The Elder has total control over the organization and its every aspect, from outlining the overarching goals, to assigning individual members duties to fullfill. Unlike the original Brotherhood, Lyons' chapter has folded the Knight and Paladin castes into one,[60] whose duties are focused on combat. Scribes, on the other hand, are tasked with both research, as well as manufacture of technologies. The division into the Orders of Sword, Shield and Quill are retained.[61]

Military details

In the field, the Brotherhood operates in a squad based system, utilizing proper military tactics and maintaining strict hierarchy. Due to a lack of radio equipment, most units act as independent cells without standing orders, sometimes not reporting to the Citadel for weeks or months.[62][63] Members of the military arm of the Brotherhood can be divided into three clear groups:

  • Initiates are born into the Brotherhood or are local volunteers who are recruited to become members. In recent years however, this has become a problem, with many of the initiates lacking proper training and being rushed into combat. Unfortunately, these are the most numerous members of the Brotherhoods ground forces.[64]
  • Knights and Knight Captains and members who have served time in the Brotherhood and had become fully fledged members. They are the main backbone, less common than Initiates, but much better fighters.
  • Paladins are veterans of the Brotherhood, many being members of Elder Lyons' original party that came out to D.C. They are among the best of the Brotherhood and are often high ranking field commanders or used in elite strike teams. Sentinel Lyons is the highest ranking field commander and answers directly to Elder Lyons, she heads up Lyon's Pride, the best soldiers of the Capital Wastelands' Brotherhood of Steel, in one squad.

Wastelanders could be accepted by the organization an Initiates, on the condition that they would be sponsored by an existing Brotherhood member in good standing.[65] After 2276 and the formation of the Outcasts, the depleted ranks of the Brotherhood had to be bolstered with local recruits without the need for a sponsor.[18] However, the quality of those conscripted into Lyons' service is very low, as they are overeager, aggressive and unskilled.[64]

Outside relations

Paladins engaging super mutants in Falls Church

Before 2277, the Brotherhood was a more active player in the wasteland. It aided the protection of Megaton[66] and the construction of Project Purity before Elder Lyons decided it was a wasted effort.

By 2277, the Brotherhood has very limited relations with the outside. The Citadel itself is off limits to outsiders and Elder Lyons aborted nearly all military operations, with the exception of hunting super mutants in the ruins of Washington, D.C. (a fact mocked by the Outcasts as a pointless hunt for the white whale).[67] It still does limited trading with the outside, primarily for supplies.

The Brotherhood has little tolerance for ghouls, shooting at them on sight, either mistaking them for super mutants, or not caring about the differences.[68]

After the Enclave reemerged in the wastelands, the Brotherhood became more active in the wastelands once more, establishing water delivery caravans from the purifier it controlled and leading incursions against the disorganized Enclave forces following their defeat at the Battle of Project Purity and the loss of Raven Rock.


Scribes working in the Citadel archives

The technological level of Lyons's Brotherhood is varied. After the Schism in 2276, the chapter has lost a great deal of its weapons, equipment and most importantly men, beginning 2277 as a greatly diminished force.[25][26][27][28] The shortage of supplies also means difficulties in maintaining weapons, armor, equipment and particualrly any potential research.[21] Although diminished, they did not stop researching new technologies,[69] and modifying current designs, including upgrading power armor despite the part shortages.[70][71]

The Brotherhood does, however, have access to an ample supply of T-45 power armor, which is standard issue to any personnel operating in the field, even initiates. However, due to the amount of untrained initiates in the ranks of Lyons' organization, the Brotherhood is losing equipment very fast, as every dead Initiate that's left in the wasteland means one less suit of armor and one less loadout set. Their main weapons are either R91 or Type 93 assault rifles, AER9 laser rifle, or the CZ53 personal minigun.[72]

The campaign against the Enclave and the eventual victory, unlike the campaign against the super mutants, has provided the Brotherhood with a fresh supply of advanced technology, including Advanced power armor variants scavenged from dead troopers and Enclave weaponry. While reverse engineering procedures are underway, it might take years for the technology to be fully understood, researched and retrieved from the wreckage of various bases in the wasteland.[55][56] However, it has come at the cost of losing Liberty Prime, the only truly unique war asset the Brotherhood had. The Brotherhood would not rebuild it until 2287, under new management.[73]

Despite the refined military technology at its disposal, the chapter does not have access to radio communications, forcing its troops to rely on messengers and couriers to maintain contact. The situation also results in a greatly limited ability to keep the Scrolls updated.[74][63]


  • The East Coast Brotherhood is the only chapter/division that is mentioned as currently having functioning aerial units. Although in the past there have been airships like the Prydwen built to explore eastward, the Brotherhood has not had a fighting force of Vertibirds shown or mentioned in a game until Fallout 4.
  • Paladin Danse mentions that the Brotherhood once ruled a quarry somewhere outside of but near the Capital Wasteland, referring to the situation as "more trouble than it was worth."[75]
  • Should the Sole Survivor choose to wipe out the synths of Acadia, the Brotherhood of Steel will establish a presence at Mount Desert Island, using Acadia as a forward operating base.
  • After completing Spoils of War the Brotherhood will use the Mass Fusion building as an outpost, most of the soldiers will say that the building is a "goldmine" for tech and that the scribes are still searching the building.
  • After completing Ad Victoriam, the Brotherhood will take control of pre-War military checkpoints scattered throughout The Commonwealth.
  • By 2287, the Brotherhood appears to use a new flag which has an orange background with the Brotherhood logo in white.
  • A Brotherhood of Steel Knight aboard the Prydwen may directly reference the Capital Wasteland, saying "If you think the Commonwealth is bad, you should see the Capital Wasteland."


The Brotherhood of Steel appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

The East Coast Brotherhood of Steel has some similarities and differences with other Fallout games:



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  19. The Lone Wanderer: "What sort of disagreements did they have?"
    Bowditch: "Where Elder Lyons has fought to protect the people of the Capital Wasteland, the Outcasts demanded we move on and leave them to their fates. They insisted there was more important technology to be recovered in a scientific base in the ruins of Fort Independence, to the West. As callous as their decision may be, it's more in line with our original mission. Elder Lyons is an inspiration to us, but to them he's a traitor."
    (Bowditch's dialogue)
  20. 20.0 20.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Who were the exiles?"
    Bowditch: "The soldiers rallied behind Paladin Casdin, who was one of Elder Lyons' original squad. They served together for over twenty years. Casdin was well-respected, and every bit as loyal to the Brotherhood as Elder Lyons. He just disagreed with the interpretations of our oaths. But when disagreements turned into fistfights, he left with the Outcasts. We lost more allies that day than we ever have to any battle."
    (Bowditch's dialogue)
  21. 21.0 21.1 Peabody: "Good morning, Elder. I'm sorry to report that things are not as they should be. Ever since Casdin was outcast..."
    Owyn Lyons: "That name is not to be spoken within this Citadel. Do you understand? I wish it were not so, truly I do, but he is Outcast. He has been judged."
    Peabody: "I know the protocols, sir. But the equipment that they stole was very valuable. Our weapons are beginning to deteriorate without the spare parts."
    Owyn Lyons: "I understand, Peabody. But you'll need to make do the best you can. If our weapons can't penetrate that Enclave armor, we stand no chance."
    Peabody: "Yes, Elder. I understand. I'm sure... we've got the parts around here somewhere..."
    (Peabody's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  22. Peabody: "Greetings, Elder. I wish I could say that things were well. Unfortunately, I am still having supply problems. When Casdin..."
    Owyn Lyons: "Scribe. You are not to speak the name of an Outcast in the walls of the Citadel. Is that understood?"
    Peabody: "I... I understand, sir. But the Outcasts have stolen a great deal of our uncatalogued equipment. I am beginning to run short of supplies for repairs."
    Owyn Lyons: "Then make do with what you have. We may lack the Enclave's resources, but I'm counting on your ingenuity to make up for that!"
    Peabody: "Yes, Elder. I understand. Forgive me for speaking out of turn. My... frustration got the better of me."
    (Peabody's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  23. The Lone Wanderer: "So, you just figure you'll strike out on your own as Outcasts?"
    Anne Marie Morgan:"Not hardly. We've got our mission, we'll stick with it, and to hell with Lyons and his soldier sycophants. If they call us Outcasts for our dedication to duty, then we'll wear the title with pride! And you just wait for when we get back in contact with the real Brotherhood out West. Lyons will have hell to pay."
    (Anne Marie Morgan's dialogue)
  24. The Lone Wanderer: "Tell me about the Outcasts."
    Anne Marie Morgan: "We collect technology, and most people want what we've collected. Right now, we're pretty much stuck defending this Fort, but that won't be forever. Once we regroup, we'll continue our work and keep moving back west."
    (Anne Marie Morgan's dialogue)
  25. 25.0 25.1 25.2 The Lone Wanderer: "Anything you can tell me about the Super Mutants?"
    Owyn Lyons: "Would you believe... "no"? It's pathetic, really, considering we've been fighting those abominations for nearly twenty years. In all that time, all we've managed to do is contain the threat. Hold them back, so they don't overrun every blasted settlement out here. But we don't really "know" anything. Where they're from, why they've infested the D.C. ruins. And now here we are, holed up in our Citadel. Low on resources, low on troops. It's enough to make an old man so very... tired."
    (Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  26. 26.0 26.1 26.2 The Lone Wanderer: "Those sound like pretty good changes to me."
    Reginald Rothchild: "You're an outsider. I don't expect you to understand. We live and die by our dedication to the Brotherhood. To go against orders... It's not something that's done. I appreciate that Lyons believes he is doing what is right, but he should never have disobeyed orders. And now look where it's gotten us. Forces dwindled, Super Mutants on one side, Enclave on the other. We can barely take care of ourselves."
    (Reginald Rothchild's dialogue)
  27. 27.0 27.1 27.2 The Lone Wanderer: "What does the Brotherhood believe?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "We believe in technology, in the triumph of the creations of the ancients over the horrors and evils of the Wasteland. We believe in trust. Trust in technology. Trust in our fellow Brothers. Trust in our Elders. Ah, and we believe in victory. Our forces have dwindled, but still we fight on. Super Mutant, Enclave, it matters not. Surrender is not an option."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
  28. 28.0 28.1 28.2 The Lone Wanderer: "You must see a lot of things. What's been going on?"
    Artemis: "What's been going on? Well, let's see. For years, we've been draining our resources defending the ungrateful residents of this no man's land. Most of my best friends have either been ripped apart by Super Mutants or left to join the Outcasts. And now an enemy we faced more than thirty years ago has resurfaced, and their tech is still better than ours. What's been going on with you?"
    (Artemis' dialogue)
  29. Elder Owyn Lyons -- Personal Log 2: "Here I sit, in the safety of the Citadel, while the people of the Wasteland thirst, and suffer, and die. Here I sit, a failed, feeble old man. What have I really accomplished? How many have I truly helped? The Super Mutants still roam rampant. The people still die of thirst and radiation. The Western Elders cease to acknowledge my existence. Some of my own people have even gone Outcast. And now... the Enclave. Technologically superior. Infinitely resourceful. The time has come to pass the mantle to more able hands. But is she ready?"
  30. Initiate attrition rate is referred to several times, and further supported by presence of Initiate corpses in power armor scattered in D.C. and elsewhere.
  31. Owyn Lyons: "Madison, I'm surprised to see you here. What can I do for you?"
    Madison Li: "Don't talk down to me, Lyons. I had nowhere else to turn. You must help us. Project Purity has been overrun."
    Owyn Lyons: "Yes, I'd heard reports of an incident there. What details can you give us?"
    Madison Li: "The Enclave. They've attacked Project Purity. James is dead... there may be more. I don't know. You have to do something!"
    Owyn Lyons: "Then it's as we feared. Madison, I'm sorry this happened. I wish we could have done something..."
    Madison Li: "Then do something now! They've taken over the purifier. Lyons, they cannot be permitted to have control over it. It's not right!"
    Owyn Lyons: "Now now, calm down. You know as well as I do that the purifier doesn't work. It's useless to them. Perhaps it's time to walk away."
    Madison Li: "That's not true. James... He found what's been missing. We know how to get it running."
    Owyn Lyons: "Is that so? Does the Enclave know this?"
    Madison Li: "No, I don't think... I don't know. I just don't know what's happening anymore."
    Owyn Lyons: "All right, Madison. It'll be okay. Now, this is James' son/daughter, I presume? I can see the resemblance."
    Madison Li: "Yes. He/She knows what we need. Vault-Tec computer, something to locate equipment. Please help him/her."
    Owyn Lyons: "Very well. We'll sort this all out.".
    (Madison Li's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  32. Elder Owyn Lyons -- personal log: "If they controlled that much clean water... they would control the entire Capital Wasteland. I simply cannot allow that to happen."
  33. 33.0 33.1 Finding the Garden of Eden
  34. Sarah Lyons: "I don't like it."
    Owyn Lyons: You don't have to like it, Sarah. You just have to follow orders.
    Sarah Lyons: "So we just wait until they decide we're next on the list? If the Pride goes in now, we might have a chance."
    Owyn Lyons: "And if you fail, then what? The risk is not worth the reward."
    Sarah Lyons: "All I'm saying is, the longer we sit here, the more time they have to shore up their defenses. We should hit them sooner rather than later."
    Owyn Lyons: "We barely have the manpower to keep the Citadel fortified. We've been over this before, Sarah..."
    (Sarah and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  35. Owyn Lyons: "Then it's decided. Sarah, you take the Pride and use the robot as support. Take our friend here and secure that purifier."
    Reginald Rothchild: "It's not ready for field tests, let alone live fire situations. The weapons haven't been calibrated, the navigation detection system is offline..."
    Owyn Lyons: "Rothchild, enough. Can you make it work?"
    "What? No! I mean, Li and I have solved the power problems, but we've only barely finished diagnostic tests."
    Owyn Lyons: "So?"
    (Reginald Rothchild's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  36. 36.0 36.1 Take It Back!
  37. The Lone Wanderer: "What happened back at the purifier?"
    Tristan: "Well, you saw most of the fighting outside. The robot paved the way for us, we just mopped up the opposition while you and Sarah headed inside. After that... Hell if I know. Once we'd locked down the perimeter, and gotten word that the purifier was running, we headed in to look for you. Found you and Sarah both unconscious, and got you back to the Citadel fast as we could."
    (Tristan's dialogue)
  38. The Lone Wanderer: "What else can you tell me about the fight against the Enclave?"
    Owyn Lyons: "As you know, I had my reservations about engaging the Enclave. They did not directly attack us, and I believed we had time. Time to be cautious. Their assault on the purifier forced our hand. We had no choice but to engage them directly. And, once that engagement had begun, we could do nothing but see it through to the end. If they had not considered us a threat before, they do now. So we have spent the time since you and I last spoke systematically locating and destroying every bastion of Enclave force we can. Liberty Prime has proven far more successful than any of us could have hoped for."
    (Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  39. The Lone Wanderer: "Has the Enclave been putting up much of a fight?"
    Tristan: "Not like they did at the purifier, no. After we secured Project Purity, Liberty Prime was unleashed on their headquarters. It was a quick fight. Since then, their operations have been severely disrupted. We're trying to use that to our advantage -- we keep hitting them while they're down. We can't give them a moment to breathe safely, or else they might pose more of a threat to us in the long run."
    (Tristan's dialogue)
  40. The Lone Wanderer: "Seems like a lot of trouble giving it away. Why don't you just sell the water?"
    Bigsley: "Many of us keep asking that same question. The Brotherhood isn't a postal service. We have IMPORTANT things to do, and we need caps and technology to do it! Lyons is on some kind of mission. Has he forgotten about the Enclave? That's our priority... But yeah. Things are being done to "offset" the cost of Lyons' little pet "Purity" project."
    (Bigsley's dialogue)
  41. The Lone Wanderer: "Griffon's up to something with the Aqua Pura. What do you know about it?"
    Bigsley: "Not that it's really any of your business, but we have an arrangement. He buys water, I send him some. I use the caps and tech he pays me to fund the other water deliveries. I send my men with the water to the Museum Authority in the Mall. Griffon sends the payment back with my men. So far, so good. Lyons wouldn't approve, but I don't really care anymore. I need the resources and there's certainly plenty of water to go around."
    (Bigsley's dialogue)
  42. The following prompts and responses are selected randomly in DLC03WQBigsleyScribeConv07
    Scribe: "They're a week late, sir. Should we send out a search party?"
    Bigsley: "For a couple of Wasteland hustlers and a pack Brahmin?"
    Scribe: "What about our men?"
    Bigsley: "I'm not wasting any more resources."
    Scribe: "Yessir."
    Bigsley: "If Lyons wants to chase after his deliveries, fine. Let HIM do it. But I'm done wasting resources and risking lives on this pet project of his."
    Scribe: "For what it's worth, you aren't the only one who feels that way."
    Bigsley: "Thank you. Now, kindly get the hell out of here. I need to think."
  43. The Lone Wanderer: "Is it hard bottling all that water? Or is it all done by machines?"
    Bigsley: "You take a bottle, you dunk it under water, and glug glug glug, it fills up. Amazing. But you're right a machine would help. But all the Scribes are busy reverse engineering Enclave gear. A machine that puts water in bottles just isn't on anyone's priority list at the moment."
    (Bigsley's dialogue)
  44. The Lone Wanderer: "Sounds like you have your hands full."
    Bigsley: "Everyone was so excited about that Purifier: "Project Purity this," and "Project Purity that." But did anyone stop to ask, "Hey, what are we going to DO with all that clean water?" Well, guess who gets to fill in that tiny detail. It'd be one thing if I had support, but that little war with the Enclave has depleted much of the Brotherhood's resources. And to top it off, I have to be mommy to a bunch of lab coats."
    (Bigsley's dialogue)
  45. The Lone Wanderer: "You're not the only one with problems."
    Bigsley: "Right. I heard about your dad. Sorry kid. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, really. But, if you understood the pressure... You know the Wasteland. Imagine trying to get fresh water to every known settlement, without getting it stolen by Raiders or Mutants. Now imagine doing that without any trained soldiers or military resources because they've all been exhausted fighting a little war with the Enclave. Yeah. That's MY job. Not to mention the mountain of crap I get from all the lab coats running around underfoot."
    (Bigsley's dialogue)
  46. 46.0 46.1 Death From Above
  47. 47.0 47.1 The Lone Wanderer: "I'm sorry about the robot. There wasn't anything anyone could've done."
    Reginald Rothchild: "Perhaps not, but that doesn't change the fact that it sets us back years... YEARS... ...and it removes the one significant military advantage we had over the Enclave."
    (Reginald Rothchild's dialogue)
  48. The Lone Wanderer: "It could've been worse. They could have attacked the Citadel."
    Reginald Rothchild: "Well, there's certainly nothing stopping them from doing that now, is there? And with our primary defense gone, I don't know what we can do to stop them. I need more to work with."
    (Reginald Rothchild's dialogue)
  49. The Lone Wanderer: "I found some encrypted data at the relay station."
    Reginald Rothchild: "Ah, yes. Well, I'll see if we can't figure out how to read it. Perhaps it can give us some insight as to just what happened out there. It would be good to salvage something from this mess. Thank you for bringing this to me. I believe Elder Lyons will want to speak with you as well. Perhaps you should find him. If you'll excuse me..."
    (Reginald Rothchild's dialogue)
  50. The Lone Wanderer: "I'm ready for more. What do you need?"
    Tristan: "With the setbacks the Brotherhood has suffered, we find ourselves in a difficult position. All our available resources need to be positioned for the inevitable counter-attack from the Enclave. At the same time, we believe we may have developed a tool to help our chances of victory. But with everyone needed to help defend against the Enclave, we have no one to send on a recovery mission. So I'm going to have you travel to the Olney Powerworks to secure some tech for us."
    (Tristan's dialogue)
  51. The Lone Wanderer: "Any job you've got, I can do."
    Tristan: "I hope that's true. With all of the Brotherhood's resources committed to protecting against an Enclave attack, we're spread thin. So thin that we can't spare anyone to research a new weapon that might help us against the Enclave's vertibirds. At least, until now. From information we've gathered, it seems what we need may be located in the Olney Powerworks, north of that city.""
    The Lone Wanderer: "Olney Powerworks? What's there?"
    Tristan: "Hopefully you'll be able to find a Tesla Coil, an experimental device from before the war. Our scribes need it to complete a little surprise they've been preparing for the Enclave. Get there, get the coil, and get back as safely and quickly as possible. Any questions?"
    (Tristan's dialogue)
  52. The Lone Wanderer: "I'm good to go. What's next?"
    Tristan: "Based on the data you brought us from the relay station, we've identified where the Enclave is basing their operation. It seems they have a second base of operations at Adams Air Force base, outside of DC. The only safe way to get there is through the Presidential Metro used by the government before the war. You're going to be on your own again for now; the rest of the Brotherhood will be providing a distraction so you can slip in undetected. Once you breach the Presidential Metro and get to Adams Air Force Base, look for the Resupply Crate. Inside, you'll find your new orders and hopefully we can put a working Tesla Cannon into your hands."
    (Tristan's dialogue)
  53. Who Dares Wins
  54. The Lone Wanderer: "So, have we totally wiped out the Enclave?"
    Vallincourt: "Yeah, for a while at least. You'll still bump into a few of them in the Wastes... deep scout patrols and outposts. Hopefully, they'll stay far from here and let us do our job now that we kicked their butts!"
    (Vallincourt's dialogue)
  55. 55.0 55.1 The Lone Wanderer: "So, what happens to the Brotherhood now?"
    Reginald Rothchild: "I've been amazingly busy ever since we began clashing with the Enclave. All their technology is amazing. It's going to take me years to sift through the wreckage of their mobile platform alone. I suppose we have you to thank for that."
    (Reginald Rothchild's dialogue)
  56. 56.0 56.1 The Lone Wanderer: "So, what happens to the Brotherhood now?"
    Vallincourt: "Now? Now the real work begins. I've got just piles and piles of Enclave technology to take apart and put back together. Who do you think got our captured Vertibird flying? Now let me get back to work before Rothchild assigns me trash detail."
    (Vallincourt's dialogue)
  57. See Prydwen for details.
  58. The Scribe: “I was once a Scribe in the Brotherhood of Steel. Back when that was something to be proud of. Back when we used our knowledge to help people, rather than simply hoarding it for our own power. When Squire Maxson took over... well, I didn't like the changes he made to the Brotherhood. Some said it was a return to our ancient traditions. Maybe so. But things are not necessarily better simply because they are ancient. So, I left. Since then, I've been walking up and down in the world... until I found myself here."
  59. Brotherhood dialogue: "I'm proud to be serving under Elder Maxson. I had enough of Lyons and his foolish ways."
  60. Rank breakdown in the faction listing in G.E.C.K.
  61. The Lone Wanderer: "What are the Orders?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "The Order of the Sword is responsible for weapons research and development. Guns, ammunition anything of an offensive nature. Defensive research is done by the Order of the Shield. Power Armor, defensive structures anything that is intended to protect us. The Order of the Quill preserves the written knowledge of the ancients, seeking out all manner of books and holotapes."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
  62. The Lone Wanderer: "Where can I find Holotags?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "They are on our fallen Brothers throughout the DC Ruins. However, I can't give you a full report on the locations of all of our operations. As I said, many of the units in the field operate independently, sometimes not reporting into the Citadel for weeks or months."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
  63. 63.0 63.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Sure, I've got all the time in the world."
    Elizabeth Jameson: "Good. As I'm sure you've noticed, the Brotherhood operates all over the DC ruins, often detached from the main base here at the Citadel. We're short on communication equipment, so many of the groups in the field operate as independent cells without standing orders. Sometimes... I'm afraid that their missions end in their deaths. As keeper of the Scrolls, it's my charge to write of each fallen Brother's deeds."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
  64. 64.0 64.1 The Lone Wanderer: "So, you guys looking for new recruits?"
    Sarah Lyons: "That's a negative. We've got too many local conscripts as it is. Most are undertrained and too damned trigger happy for their own good. Our very own Initiate Reddin is a sterling example."
    (Sarah Lyons' dialogue)
  65. Danse: "When I was an Initiate, my sponsor was Paladin Krieg. Toughest squad leader I ever served with. He was a model soldier, embodying the values every trainee was striving to achieve. Fiercely loyal, secure in his beliefs and brave to a fault. From the moment I was assigned to his squad I was singled out... it felt like he was pushing me harder than the rest of the team. I fought by his side for years and we had some seriously close calls, but he never explained to me why I was treated that way."
  66. The Lone Wanderer: "Why did they build the walls?"
    Manya Vargas: "Well, the Raiders, for one. Once the town got big enough, they'd wait until the traders and their guards were away, then come in and clean us out! Now the Super Mutants... They were a whole other breed of problem. They'd kill us if they had to, but mostly they tried to drag people away! Alive! So, eventually, my father did something about it. Him and a few others organized the traders and the citizens and built the walls. So we're pretty safe now. Still, I wish those Brotherhood of Steel fellers hadn't hit on such hard times. They really helped keep the wolves at bay."
    (Manya Vargas' dialogue)
  67. The Lone Wanderer: "What have you got against the Brotherhood?"
    Anne Marie Morgan: "You mean, apart from the fact that they ditched their mission and went native? Sure, I bet you don't mind them being cuddly with the locals, but when we came out here, we had a mission to do, damnit. But now they're wasting their time protecting yahoos like you, while Ahab Lyons is off chasing his Super Mutant white whale."
    The Lone Wanderer: "By that analogy, you think Lyons will be killed by the Super Mutants?"
    Anne Marie Morgan: "Huh. And here I thought we had the only remaining copy of that... Anyway, I don't know if the old man's going to die from them, but he sure as hell looks like he's going to drag his soldiers down with him. But he's not wasting any of our time anymore, damnit."
    (Anne Marie Morgan's dialogue)
  68. The Lone Wanderer: "The Brotherhood of Steel? What's your beef with them?"
    Winthrop: "Bastards. They don't seem to be able to tell us apart from the Super Mutants. Or, maybe they just don't care. They see us and shoot on sight. And least they have the common courtesy to miss most of the time. Still... bigots."
    (Winthrop's dialogue)
  69. Owyn Lyons: "Scribe Bowditch, I trust you are well. I'm here for your progress report on the modified Recon Armor."
    Bowditch: "Ah... you're a bit early today, sir. Regardless, I'm happy to report that the development of the Mark II Recon Armor unit is proceeding as planned."
    Owyn Lyons: "I'm pleased to hear that. Do you anticipate any setbacks? Last month's progress was, well... let's call it "underwhelming.""
    Bowditch: "There may be a slight delay in the enhancement of the ambulatory gyroscope. A few of the parts I need were lost in the recent... inventory reduction."
    Owyn Lyons: "You'll make do, Bowditch. You always do."
    Bowditch: "Thank you, sir. I appreciate it."
    (Bowditch's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  70. Owyn Lyons: "Scribe Bowditch. I'd like to hear your report on those latest armor modifications."
    Bowditch: "You're a bit late today, sir. I was afraid that you weren't coming. As per my report that I forwarded to you, the development is on schedule."
    Owyn Lyons: "Excellent. I'm a bit concerned, though. Last week, you mentioned a possible delay in the secondary modifications?"
    Bowditch: "I'm afraid that there may be a delay, sir. So far, I haven't been able to salvage a fellulator unit from the parts that we have on hand."
    Owyn Lyons: "We have shortages all around, my friend. Make do the best you can. We may not have the Enclave's resources... but we do have you."
    Bowditch: "Yes, sir. Actually, perhaps I can fashion one out of... hrm... if you'll excuse me, sir. I have to jot something down before I forget."
    (Bowditch's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  71. Idle Citadel conversation: "Tell you what. Let's hook up later and go see Scribe Bowditch. I heard he's been working on some new Power Armor mods. Can't hurt."
  72. Fallout 3 appearances.
  73. The Lone Wanderer: "How's the reconstruction of Liberty Prime going?"
    Vallincourt: "Don't even get me started... Trying to decipher Rothchild's schematics and wiring diagrams is exhausting. But we'll get there. Like Rothchild says, "Liberty Prime will walk again!" I believe him, but I think it's going to take a really long time."
    (Vallincourt's dialogue) Prime was built by a pre-War consortium with access to limitless resources, not a small band of scavengers.
  74. The Lone Wanderer: "And without radio equipment, you can't keep track of them?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "Exactly. A Brother fallen in the field may have no one to carry word of his death back to me. In calmer times, we could send detachments and messengers to learn their fates, but with our manpower stretched thin, we have no such luxury. Which is why I must now ask you for your help. Each Brother wears a Holotag like the one you found. Should you find any of the fallen Brethren in the field, I ask that you return their tags to me, so that I might record their deeds in the scrolls."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
  75. Danse's dialogue: "The Brotherhood tried to run a quarry like this somewhere near the Capital Wasteland. It was more trouble than it was worth."
  1. 1.0 1.1 Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.43-44:
    "Pitt Raiders
    Pitt Slaves

    Following the Great War, survivors established a settlement on the remains of a city at the confluence of rivers. The rivers seem to provide a clear resource, and enough of the city was cleared by the bombs that a new settlement could be established. However, radioactive material and unidentified mutagens mixed into the groundwater, causing it to become slightly mutagenic and highly carcinogenic. As a result, the people in the new settlement began to change ever so slightly.
    The changes were subtle, not nearly to the degree of the Super Mutants or the various Wasteland creatures, but over the next 140 years, it became undeniable that something was affecting the people of The Pitt. Starting from the first few years, children were often born with strange growths or extra vestigial limbs. The mutations never went far beyond the occasional hunchback or cleft palate, but it wasn't long before the vast majority of the residents of The Pitt developed some sort of physical deformity in their lifetimes. Although many children were born "clean," the older they got, the more likely that a problem would develop.
    The most disturbing change that the environment caused was not nearly as noticeable as the physical deformities. The infected water and poisoned sky began to cause neurological damage to those exposed to it. People became more hostile, violent, and short-tempered; they became known as "Wildmen." Their emotions became out of control, and their actions often teetered on primal. In severe cases, mutated humans devolved into hunched, savage beasts nicknamed "Trogs." Over the first 50 years, The Pitt quickly degenerated into a dangerous den of murderers and rapists; even cannibalism was not uncommon. The only loyalty was in strength, and the only organization was between those who were strong enough to control others and those who were controlled.
    Rumors of the horrors of The Pitt spread throughout the Wasteland, and all travelers knew to avoid it at all costs. However, The Pitt became one of the most self-sufficient communities in the Wastes. Granted, their self-sufficiency relied on the citizens occasionally eating one another, but they functioned without trade or export.
    In 2042In-game spelling, Star Paladin Lyons of the Brotherhood of Steel led the Scourge, a large-scale military action that wiped out nearly the entire population of The Pitt. In a single night, the Brotherhood swept through the city, eliminating any resident who put up a fight. Although the intent of the Scourge remains unclear, several unmutated children were taken from The Pitt by the Brotherhood and placed into initiate training. The motivations for the Scourge are unclear to this day, but many in the Brotherhood note that it was a marked change in the way the Brotherhood operates. Additionally, it is known that something was recovered from The Pitt during the Scourge, although to date it would seem that only Elder Lyons knows what it was.
    It is said that a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin from the Scourge stayed on in The Pitt, seeking to bring law and order to the unwashed masses and creating an underclass of Pitt Slaves in the process, guarded by Pitt Raiders under his personal command. However, in the decades following the events of the Scourge, nobody has heard anything from The Pitt. Travelers who have gone to investigate have not returned, and no survivors have emerged."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide faction profiles)