This page is about the faction as it appears in Fallout 3 and 4. For the non-canon faction from Fallout Tactics, see Brotherhood of Steel (Midwest).


The Chicago detachment,[1] also known as the Eastern Brotherhood,[Non-game 1] is a rogue chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel that had fallen off of the radar of the organization's other chapters by 2254.[1]


The Chicago detachment's origins lie in the airships dispatched by the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel to track down the remaining Super mutants.[2][3] While the majority of these airships were destroyed or scuttled, one crash-landed in the Midwest.[3] The survivors organized themselves into a new chapter near Chicago, but by 2254 they had gone rogue, cutting all contact with the larger Brotherhood.[1] This detachment at some point combatted a group of Super Mutants originating from the west,[2] resulting in either the destruction of assimilation of the group.[Non-game 1] The expedition that would become the Brotherhood's Eastern Division attempted to restore contact during their journey to the Capital Wasteland,[Non-game 1] but did not succeed.


The Chicago detachment of the Brotherhood of Steel is mentioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

This faction is based on the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel from the spin-off game Fallout Tactics, which was declared no longer canon by Bethesda.[Non-game 2]


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