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Brotherhood knight suit is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


A one-piece, tight-fitting orange jumpsuit worn by knights of the Brotherhood of Steel. A series of straps and clasps cover the outfit, suggesting its intended usage and synergy with power armor. The suit comes paired with brown gloves and simple laceless boots.

Although appearing to be optimized for use while operating power armor, the jumpsuit has been adopted by the Brotherhood as a uniform of sorts for operators of the exosuits. As the jumpsuit itself offers little protection, it is often worn with combat armor marked with the faction's insignia. The suit shares its appearance with the Brotherhood soldier suit as well as the darker Brotherhood officer suit.


Cloth (6)
steel (2)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Learned from plan/recipe
Plan: BoS knight uniform
Brotherhood knight suit (1)


Mod Resistances Effect Weight Value Plan Components
Damage resistance Energy Radiation
Standard lining         +10% +10% Known by default Ballistic fiber x2
Nuclear material x3
Treated lining +6 +4 +2 STR +1
END +1
+20% +30% Plan: Treated lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x4
Nuclear material x6
Resistant lining +8 +6 +3 STR +1
END +2
+30% +50% Plan: Resistant lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x7
Nuclear material x9
Protective lining +10 +8 +4 STR +2
END +2
+35% +80% Plan: Protective lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x9
Nuclear material x12
Pure violet flux x2
Shielded lining +13 +9 +5 STR +2
END +3
+40% +120% Plan: Shielded lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x11
Nuclear material x15
Pure violet flux x4



  • One may be found at Thunder Mountain Power Plant, inside the building's workroom by the power armor stations.
  • Plan can be found inside a train car just east of the NAR repair yard, west of Watoga Station. This plan spawn is also shared with Brotherhood knight suit, officer suit, Marine wetsuit, and Marine tactical helmet.
  • The treated, resistant, and protective lining blueprint plans can be purchased from vendor bot Phoenix located in the Watoga Shopping Plaza. Purchasing a blueprint plan will unlock the next upgraded plan for purchase when you relog.
  • The shielded lining plan is earned as a possible reward for turning in technical data in the repeatable Forbidden Knowledge quest.