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Brotherhood fatigues is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


The Brotherhood fatigues are an underarmor which consist of a four color digital camouflage pattern printed on pants and a four pocketed field jacket supported around the waist by a leather belt. The Brotherhood have repurposed these uniforms and added their insignia above the left breast pocket.


Mod Resistances Effect Weight Value Plan Components
Damage resistance Energy Radiation
Standard lining         +10% +10% Known by default Ballistic fiber x2
Nuclear material x3
Treated lining +6 +4 +2 STR +1
END +1
+20% +30% Plan: Treated lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x4
Nuclear material x6
Resistant lining +8 +6 +3 STR +1
END +2
+30% +50% Plan: Resistant lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x7
Nuclear material x9
Protective lining +10 +8 +4 STR +2
END +2
+35% +80% Plan: Protective lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x9
Nuclear material x12
Pure violet flux x2
Shielded lining +13 +9 +5 STR +2
END +3
+40% +120% Plan: Shielded lining BoS underarmor Ballistic fiber x11
Nuclear material x15
Pure violet flux x4



From patch to patch, the Brotherhood fatigues were not considered an underarmor, rather, they became an outfit, no longer supporting any modifications. This was corrected with patch's hotfix.