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Elders robes are outfits worn by Brotherhood elders in the Fallout series.


Utility robeEdit


Elders robes are issued to Brotherhood of Steel elders. Based on the scribe robe, each is a set of heavy-duty work clothes, consisting of a durable, double-layered overcoat that protects against environmental hazards and workplace accidents. Leather arm protectors further reduce the risk of injury, as do the heavy boots. A thick leather utility belt is worn for convenience. The robes are typically colored blue.[1]


Gameplay article: Fallout 3

A variant of the classic blue elder robes, this one is a triple-layered outfit. The base is a black, reinforced jumpsuit with combat boots, with a loose beige robe and high collar worn underneath, reinforced with metal components like the recon armor. A blue overcoat is worn on top, providing additional protection from the elements, with an utility belt fitted with various devices and tools, depending on the elder's preference.[2]

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