The Broken Hills mine is a location within Broken Hills in 2241.

The Broken Hills uranium mine is worked by the town's super mutant population. The radiation in the mine has minimal effect on them and their great Strength aids in the physically taxing labor. The mine does require an air purifier, however, as toxic gas build-up makes the mine inoperable unless it is regularly filtered. The town's life blood comes from the uranium mine.


The mine consists of several tunnels. There are some giant ants, radscorpions and even a (lesser) deathclaw resides here. At the end there is an air purifier. However, a part is required to fix it, as it isn't working properly.

There is also a secret section of the cave just beyond the entrance, after turning to the right. Walk past the rock formation to find Chuck Stodgers and a footlocker.

Notable lootEdit


The Broken Hills mine appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenesEdit

Chuck Stodgers is a pop-culture reference to Buck Rogers. Finding him earns a 1000 XP. Gain another 500 XP for answering "Who are you?".


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