Broken Hills Residential is a part of Broken Hills.


This is the part where most Broken Hills's citizens live. The section has many houses, the old ghouls' home, the Professor's lab and the entrance to the mine.

Eric requires more electrical power to his home, else more flies will be attracted to the smell.

Typhon appears to know of a treasure in Broken Hills... but needs someone to get a sex doll, booze and a magazine.

Dan, an inhabitant of Broken Hills, has his wife missing. The Chosen One can accept the quest, though it is revealed that she is dead with most of the mutant-haters.

Zaius, the mine foreman, needs the air purifier to run again, but lacks a part. The Chosen One must first go to New Reno to Renesco the Rocketman to get the part, then descend into the mine itself...


Notable lootEdit


Broken Hills Residential appears only in Fallout 2.

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