Broken Hills Downtown is a part of Broken Hills in 2241.


The Downtown part of Broken Hills has many buildings. There is the general store (run by Liz), the caravans office (owned by Bill), the bank and the prison (guarded by super mutants), the bar (the bartender is Phil), the power station (overseen by Brian) and the uranium refinery (run by the refinery supervisor).

Marcus, the town sheriff, requires a person to find some people that have been missing.

Francis, a super mutant is said to give a prize to someone if he/she beats him in arm-wrestling... though so far no success.

Jacob the Chemist is looking for people who don't think mutants are friendly people... at all.

A powerplant makes electricity here, but some might want more power than others.

Nobody knows what is in the town's well, they either ask Marcus or Typhon about the town.



Broken Hills Downtown appears only in Fallout 2.

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