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Honestly, I can't believe it. Babe, you and I are moving up in the world.— Brody to Olivia Rivers, Presidential Cottage security recording

Brody Torrance was a member of the Cutthroats raider gang in Appalachia.


Before the Great War, Brody lived at Torrance House, next door to the Rivers family, including their daughter Olivia. As one of the many survivors of the War in Appalachia, Brody struggled to survive in the nightmarish reality of the wasteland together with three other girls who were roughly his age. In November 2078, they were found by the Rivers family rifling through the garage of the Riverside Manor. Clarissa, Eve, and Amy found a new home under the wings of the Rivers' family, but Brody was turned away.[1]

Brody survived the winter, but the situation only worsened. Eventually, he joined the Savage Divide raiders, finally making ends meet under one of David Thorpe's trusted lieutenants. He survived the fierce campaign waged on the raiders by the Order of Mysteries until 2086 when he was assigned to a checkpoint out on the edge of raider-controlled space. Olivia Rivers, resentful of her mother's rule over the Order and looking for inroads into the raiders so that she could usurp leadership for herself, recalled Brody from eight years prior and realized he could be her way in. Olivia attacked this checkpoint on June 8, effortlessly killing everyone but Brody, sparing him save for a nick to the leg.[2] He took up Olivia's offer to give her information about the raider organization in exchange for betraying the Order.

As Brody was the only survivor of Mack Frazier's veteran crew, David Thorpe was initially skeptical when Torrance came to him. However, without any other leads, he played along and allowed Brody to continue working with Olivia.[3]

Thorpe's trust did not seem to pay off at first, as on July 1, nearly a month later, Torrance was 200 caps behind on his quota and Thorpe was still losing men to the Order's attacks.[4] When Brody forwarded Olivia's proposition of a deal - a blank check for anything she wanted in return for the Order - Thorpe's patience was at the end.[5] He was ready to have Torrance killed, but decided to give him one last chance when Olivia offered him a token of her trustworthiness - intelligence on an Order supply run in Summersville.[5]

Thorpe assigned five men and Brody to Summersville where Olivia had advised that one of the Mistresses would be. Thorpe included an ultimatum to Brody - to either return with the Mistress' head or his own would be substituted.[5] The planned ambush was botched when one of Brody's men jumped too early and Olivia was forced to kill the target, Allison Long, herself to prevent the operation from being a disaster.[6] No one would know of this and Brody delivered the girl's head to Thorpe. As a reward, Brody was immediately promoted to lieutenant, provided with seven raiders of his own choosing, and quarters in the Black Diamond Lodge, where only the most trusted raiders were quartered. His sole mission became the elimination of the Order.[5]

Brody continued to work with Olivia to destroy the Order. By mid-September, they had successfully ambushed three Mistresses all over Appalachia. Olivia made a new offer to Thorpe which he agreed to after these successes. In exchange for Cryptos, Thorpe would grant Olivia, and Brody, anything which was within his power to grant.[7] On September 20, Olivia delivered Cryptos on a Project Siphon holotape, loaded with all the mainframe data and all the Order's planned mission assignments for the next two months. Thorpe recognized the opportunity and immediately assigned Rose and Torrance to map out ambushes to reduce the Order's numbers until the Manor could be safely attacked. He also had his tech crew start trawling the data for other leads.[8]

As the Order crumbled, Olivia's cover was blown and she was forced to slaughter her way through the Order's ranks. When she notified Brody, he immediately informed Thorpe of the development. Brody was assigned to tie up any loose ends and destroy the Order for good.[9]

Brody watched from hiding as Olivia met, fought, and killed her mother at Seneca Rocks. He then double-crossed and killed Olivia, revealing that Olivia was never to get into the Raiders in the first place. Once her mother and the rest of the Order were destroyed, Thorpe had ordered Brody to kill Olivia, not wanting to risk her turning on the Raiders like she did her own mother, bringing the Order to an end in November 2086.[10]

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Brody Torrance is mentioned only in Fallout 76.