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Broadcast tower KB5 is a broadcast tower in the Capital Wasteland in the year 2277. It is located west of the deathclaw sanctuary.


The broadcast tower is high up on a hill, just west of the deathclaw sanctuary. The drainage chamber just southeast of and beneath the tower has an Average locked door. Behind the door are various crafting items (gas tank, handbrake, pilot light), a pre-War book, some chems, and a bed.

If the player character reactivates the tower, they will receive Signal Alfa Lima, which broadcasts Morse code on a loop. If traveling into the drainage chamber stated above, there is a ham radio named "Radio Signal Alfa Lima" with a skeletal corpse sitting nearby. Nearby are several locations including the raider wreckage fortifications, the overlook raider shack, and an exploding scientist truck

Notable loot

  • Tumblers Today and a pre-War book in the drainage chamber southeast of the tower.
  • Southwest down the hill toward the highways, there is a camp of raiders fortified behind cars. There's a Grognak the Barbarian skill book (in a crate under bent tin cans) and a Stealth Boy.
  • There is a ruined house guarded by raiders that lies west-northwest of the KB5 tower. There is a mini nuke in the bathtub and a Tumblers Today skill book on a shelf in the corner of the house opposite to the bathtub.
  • Northeast from the ruined house there is a wastelander corpse near a rusty car and a handcart. There is an "almost home..." note on the wastelander's body (at the bottom of the hill northeast of the abandoned house mentioned above).
  • Northeast of the corpse, just over the hill, is yet another bathtub with a mini nuke between a skeleton's legs.
  • There is a truck with a trailer containing a mini nuke and loot, west of KB5 tower on the bridge past the raider camp. As one approaches, a scientist holding a Big Book of Science blows himself up. If the player character is lucky, they can find a small piece of him somewhere on the road to loot the skill book.


  • The base of the tower is the site of a "Type A" random encounter.
  • It seems that someone was trying to break into the radio room, as a skeleton, a copy of Tumblers Today, and a box of bobby pins are outside the locked door.


Broadcast tower KB5 appears only in Fallout 3.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes, if the player does not kill all of the raiders at the nearby car forts and the mirelurks below the bridge, the scientist will not spawn in the trailer. Thus, when he triggers the explosion in the trailer, there will be no explosion-propelled corpse.[verified]