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There's an intruder in the dish hut! Get over there and kill whoever it is, you fools!Tabitha

The broadcast building is a location at the top of Black Mountain.


The building is on the far side of the radio station area when entering it from the road. There are two doors and two floors to the building. The second door exits at the back and cannot be entered from the outside otherwise. It provides access to a staircase that leads to Tabitha's room. Tabitha's room key is required to enter, which can be found either on Tabitha's body or under a small rock beneath the stairs of the building.

Notable loot


The broadcast building appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The broadcast building is similarly located to the real world KLAS-TV and KOMP-FM radio towers and outbuildings at the top of Black Mountain near Henderson, Nevada.