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Sweet Reno! THAT'S what this damn shop looks like. (Frowns.) What a mess... and what is that on the shelves? Looks like brahmin shit.Renesco

Bring Renesco some glasses is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Bring Renesco some glasses
Complete Defeat the professor's radscorpion in three challenges quest. (optional)
Steal the radscorpion's glasses.
Kill the radscorpion and loot the glasses.
Give glasses to Renesco.
Reward: $, discount to Renesco's wares or Pip-Boy medical enhancer

Detailed walkthrough

The Chosen One needs to steal (or loot) the spectacles from the professor's radscorpion in Broken Hills and bring them to Renesco in New Reno. The player character will have the opportunity to ask him for money, a discount on his wares, or to just let him keep them, then possibly get the Pip-Boy medical enhancer. The only way to get the enhancer is to ask Renesco about his new glasses about 20 times.