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The Bright Brotherhood robe is a piece of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


These are robes worn by Bright Follower ghouls. They're very similar to the robes worn by Brotherhood of Steel Scribes, but are slightly tattered and a brownish-green color.


  • Goodsprings cave - one can be found inside the cave, on the corpse of a dead Bright Brotherhood member who was attacked by coyotes.
  • Nipton Road Reststop - at the foot of the gas station sign on a dead Bright Brotherhood member.
  • Primm Pass - one can be found on a Bright follower.
  • Ranger Station Charlie - one can be found on a Bright Brotherhood member laying up against a rock on the west side of the road just south of the station.
  • REPCONN test site - the ghoul followers found wear these robes.
  • Sloan - one can be found on a Bright follower under a railway bridge south of Sloan.
  • Wolfhorn ranch - one can be found on a Bright follower at the foot of a roadside billboard just north of the ranch.
  • Another dead Bright follower is found north of The Prospector's Den, and west of Emergency service railyard on a hill. At the top of the hill is a metal electrical tower, the follower is near the base of the tower on the north side of the hill.