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We wish to escape the barbarity of the wasteland, especially the violence and bigotry of its human inhabitants. The Creator has promised to my flock a new land: a place of safety and healing... a paradise in the Far Beyond.Jason Bright

The Bright Brotherhood is a religious faction in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281, based in the REPCONN test site west of Novac.


A strange cult of ghouls, and a single human fully believing himself to be a ghoul, the Bright Brotherhood is led by a charismatic and prophetic glowing one named Jason Bright. He never turned feral, and has instead built up a small following of like-minded ghouls, clad in the vestments of a tribe in the final stages of preparation to leave for a "new world"; a promised land foretold by Bright, that is the ghoul's ultimate goal.

Some time in the past, Chris Haversam came to the facility believing he was a ghoul. Even after pleading with him, the other followers were unable to convince him that he was actually still a human.[1] Thus, this makes him the only human follower, although he was not allowed on the ship for the "Great Journey," which Bright says is the will of the creator.[2][3] Jason also believes that it is no coincidence that two humans were instrumental to the success of the Great Journey, as it was the will of the creator and it is his blessing.[4] He believes that the creator sent the Courier and Chris to expiate the sins of the bigoted humans. For helping the Brotherhood in making the Great Journey possible, they made Haversam a saint of the Brotherhood.[5][6]

Shunned by frightened outsiders, and murdered by nightkin who are convinced the Brotherhood are sitting on a mythical shipment of Stealth Boys, the Brotherhood have long come to realize that they are not bound to, or long for this earth. To escape the barbarity of the wasteland and bigotry of humans, the Brotherhood seeks to escape to the "Great Beyond" and place of safety and healing.[7][8] They intend to get to their promised land on their "Great Journey" which involves bringing REPCONN rockets back up to code and blasting off into orbit.[9] The Brotherhood was close to getting the rockets functional, but nightkin invaded the facility and have kept them away from the launch site. Even if the Brotherhood could get to the rockets, they are still missing rocket fuel and functional thrusters.[10] Should the Courier rid the REPCONN facility of the "demons," the Brotherhood will be able to continue with their plans for the Great Journey and go to their "sacred site" in the basement of the facility, where the rockets are held.[11]


Jason Bright is the leader of these ghouls who blindly follow him. Chris Haversam is the human, who has convinced himself that he is a ghoul, who is in charge of most technology and the rockets required for the "Great Journey."[12]


For a nonviolent, religious faction, the Bright Brotherhood is surprisingly well-armed. Almost all of their members carry some form of energy weapon, including plasma defenders, laser RCWs, and recharger rifles

Outside relations

The Bright Brotherhood at the REPCONN test site keeps mainly to themselves. Because the Bright Brotherhood keeps its feral brethren and the ghoul bigotry they encounter, they are generally not welcomed by human settlements, who are known to attack ferals on sight.[13][14] There are some Bright followers that are found dead throughout the Mojave, but the nature of their deaths are largely unknown.

However, according to the endgame cut-scene narration (under the right circumstances), some of them are said to have returned from their Great Journey and help the town of Novac after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in the rebuilding of the town's defenses.[15]

Interactions with the player character

Main article: Bright follower

The Bright Brotherhood mainly appears during the quest Come Fly With Me, however the bodies of dead Bright followers may be found in certain locations throughout the wasteland. Their leader, Jason Bright, believes the Courier to be sent by "The Creator" allow them to continue with the "Great Journey." He asks the Courier to deal with the "demons" in the facility's basement and to help Chris Haversam obtain the last components needed to complete the rockets.


The Brotherhood's fate is indirectly linked to the fate of Novac at the ending of the game.

  • If their quest is left uncompleted, there is no mention of the Brotherhood. However, feral ghouls from REPCONN that are not reined in by the Brotherhood will ravage Novac after it is attacked by the Legion.
  • If the Courier helps them embark on their pilgrimage, the Brotherhood will return to restore the defenses of Novac and in gaining independence from the NCR.
  • If the Courier helps them embark on their pilgrimage and assists in a Legion victory, the Brotherhood will return to help evacuate Novac, saving most of its citizens.
  • If the Courier kills Jason Bright and his followers or sabotages the rockets and causes them to explode, the resulting radiation will spread into Novac, causing it to be abandoned.


  • Jason Bright, Chris Haversam and Harland are the only members who do not wear Bright Brotherhood robes. Harland mentions the fact that he does not buy into the religious "mumbo jumbo," which explains why he does not wear the robes.
  • After the quest Come Fly With Me, No-bark Noonan will be featured on Radio New Vegas about the unexplained rocket launch. Despite being correct about the matter, the tone of Mr. New Vegas (And No-bark's own nonsensical rambling, speaking to a teddy bear near the RNV Microphone) gives the impression of a fictional event.

Behind the scenes

  • Jason Bright was named first when developers designed the cult and then the cult was named after him.[16]


The Bright Brotherhood appears in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. The Courier: "What's the deal with the human who let me in?"
    Jason Bright: "You're referring to Chris. I doubt you had much luck if you tried telling him that he's human. We had the same discussions when he first appeared, and the same lack of success. He believes he is one of us. Soon enough we realized that Chris was a gift from the creator. He is integral to the success of the Great Journey."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "So you're going to leave Chris behind?"
    Jason Bright: "Such is the creator's will. Vision upon vision has shown me that, were Chris to accompany us, he would die in minutes. The radiation around the launch pad alone would kill Chris in minutes. The radioactivity of the Far Beyond is much stronger."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "Are these surface-to-surface rockets? Or will they launch you into orbit?"
    Jason Bright: "I understand your concerns, friend, and I thank you for voicing them. But the creator's will for us has been made manifest."
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  4. The Courier: "Goodbye, Jason."
    Jason Bright: "There is no way that we can thank you enough, wanderer. Your arrival here was a blessing. We will remember you always."
    Jason Bright: "I waited to speak with you one last time before I descended to the launch pad, wanderer. I want you to know that we will remember for all eternity how you delivered us to the threshold of the Great Journey. Our preparations are nearly complete, but the rockets that will carry us to salvation are yet missing vital components. If you would still help us, wanderer, speak to Chris. He can tell you what is missing. There is no way that we can thank you enough, wanderer. Your arrival here was a blessing. We will remember you always."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "Let's talk about Chris."
    Jason Bright: "After all that you have done for us, I suppose you deserve to know everything... When Chris came to us, we tried to convince him that he was human. But this only angered him. He seemed... lost. We decided to let him stay with us for a few days, over the course of which we learned that his technical skills far surpassed our own. It became clear that the creator had sent him to us, to ensure the success of the Great Journey. Equally clear was that Chris should labor in blessed ignorance of his humanity, and his inability to make the journey himself. It is no coincidence that two humans have been vital to the success of the Great Journey. It is my belief that the creator sent you and Chris to expiate the sins of your kind against mine. You are redeemers both."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  6. The Courier: "Well, it's none of my business."
    Jason Bright: "Chris shall be declared the Saint of the Great Journey before we depart. I hope this will ease his sadness..."
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  7. The Courier: "What's the "Great Journey"?"
    Jason Bright: "We wish to escape the barbarity of the wasteland, especially the violence and bigotry of its human inhabitants. The creator has promised to my flock a new land: a place of safety and healing... a paradise in the Far Beyond. Preparations for the Great Journey were nearly complete when the demons appeared."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  8. The Courier: "What is this Far Beyond?"
    Jason Bright: "I have glimpsed it only in visions, wanderer, but what I have seen is truly miraculous. It is a place of light and healing, and I know in my soul that my flock will be safe there."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  9. The Courier: "Are you seriously going to make your "Great Journey" on those rockets?"
    Jason Bright: "Yes. The rockets will convey us to our promised land in the Far Beyond. Vision upon vision has confirmed it."
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  10. The Courier: "How can I help?"
    Chris Haversam: "I was close to completing work on the rockets before we were driven into hiding on the top floor. Two components were missing: a quantity of Isotope-239 igniting agent, and a set of thrust control modules. The igniting agent is highly radioactive, and decays quickly. That's why we can't use the drums that leaked down on the launch pad. It's no longer potent enough. I need you to find an intact, shielded container of the igniting agent. As for the thrust control modules, they were custom-built for these rockets. They won't even launch without them."
    (Chris Haversam's dialogue)
  11. The Courier: "The "demons" are gone."
    Jason Bright: "Praise the creator! And bless you, wanderer! The way is clear. I will lead my flock through the basement to the sacred site! I hope you will come find us there, wanderer! There is much to be done."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  12. The Courier: "So the "Great Journey" will use those rockets?"
    Chris Haversam: "Obviously. It's taken months, but I've nearly got them in working order. Soon they'll take us to the Far Beyond. I was skeptical at first, of course - being a man of science - but Jason is certain, and I believe in Jason."
    (Chris Haversam's dialogue)
  13. The Courier: "Some folks in Novac want you dead, and will pay to have it done."
    Jason Bright: "I wish I could say I was surprised. But that is what we've come to expect from your kind. Normally, it's what I'd expect from you. But it was the creator who brought you here today."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  14. The Courier: "I'm here because feral ghouls have been wandering into Novac."
    Jason Bright: "And they've been shooting them down like animals, haven't they? Those ghouls were members of my flock, even after the madness consumed their minds. We never let them wander free. We kept them safe on the first floor. We kept them contained. The demons must have let them out, somehow... And now they are lost forever, denied the salvation and healing glow of the Far Beyond... Please, wanderer, bear in mind that every feral ghoul you spare now is one that we can save later. Once the way is clear, our feral brothers and sisters will accompany us on the Great Journey. If there are any left..."
    (Jason Bright's dialogue)
  15. Fallout: New Vegas endings: "Though Novac was a low-priority target for the Legion, many of Novac's citizens died in its defense. In the weeks that followed, several Bright Followers returned to Novac to help restore its defenses, allowing it to remain independent of the NCR."
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